Film: 2412

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Harold Lloyd ("glasses" early) - Bebe Daniels. Gags with snake and rascally opera manager. Curtain problems at the show.
Manager smoking pacing up and down. Four drunks. Lloyd is bartender - cocktail gag. Four drunk stage hands thrown out of stage door. Big bin thrown on top of them. Harold drinks from bottle. Harold pushed and falls off and falls back onto head three times. Throttled. Sweeps up stage, puts dust in overall pocket. Falls over. Picked up by hair and shaken. More hat gags. Women enter stage door plus troop of actors. Harold moves scenery and knocks into people. Short man picks up goat (animal). Harold knocked over by man and dog. Harold kisses lady's hand. Gags with snake from trunk and around peoples' necks. Man runs away and drops through trap door. Attempts snake charming with flute and Harold waving his arms, shuffles along floor on backside. Prays to Mecca. Covers hole with hat. Shuts man in room. Fail to lift curtain properly. Tie curtain rope to actor's foot. Harold looks at lady singer with telescope. Audience applaud. Actor dressed in Chinese costume falls over. Harold takes girl off stage when she is acting because he wants to talk to her. Actor snatches her back. Tug of war with her. Fight on stage. Audience unhappy. Manager joins fight. Harold simulates walking down fake stairs behind partition (good). Falls over. Falls down stairs. Tries to gas himself direct from gas tap, attempted suicide. The End.

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