Film: 2436

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Sub title, "What he saw on the screen". Battle scene. Chaplin watches and rests foot on man next to him. Foot is thrown off. Battle scene makes Chaplin cry. Spills liquid on himself. "Then the Keystone girl appeared". Close up pretty girl and flower, Chaplin applauds. Hits man in face with hat. Girl blows a kiss to audience. Charlie pulls a peculiar face, he is in love. Charlie blows kiss to man. Puts his hat on and sticks his tongue out at man. Hat flies in air. Man and girl kiss. Charlie stands up angrily and gesticulates. He is forced down by man behind. Punches man in face. Charlie ends up on pavement, thrown out. "Keystone players arriving at the studio". Cars pull up and actors get out. Charlie watches. Actor appears to give Charlie a tip but does not. Charlie feels around for coin. Charlie smokes. He follows actors through door marked "Studio Entrance" but door slams into his face. Hits nose and knocks Charlie's hat off. Charlie stands on man's foot. Inside the studio. Making a film. Charlie wanders around, Director angry with him. Props men lay down carpet. Charlie falls over. Charlie knocks his hat off with cane. Looks angrily at men. Keysotne girl stands next to him. Charlie messes around with scenery shifter. Directing a film. Charlie gets carried away and gets involved. Fires gun at floor. Chases men away. Gun goes off accidentally and surprises himself. Swaggers. Charlie lights cigarette by firing gun on it. Charlie smokes cigarette. Fires gun for fun. Throws gun away. Man walks along street, sees fire and telephones studio. Man answers. Actors get in string of cars, Charlie falls down in the road. Actors carrying on filming in front of burning house. Charlie warms hands on burning house. Charlie gets involved in acting, feels silly when director tells him they are acting and filming it. Fire brigade with hose. Charlie gets in film with bucket of water. Tripod falls over in fight. Firemen hose actors who are fighting. Girl shakes Charlie. He collapses and is revived by water from hose.

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