Film: 2440

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Some people on the beach. A man is there with his girlfriend. Two children are playing. A child found something under the sand and he puts it on the food that they were eating. He gives it first to the women to eat and then he tries. He decided to see what was in there because the food wasn't good. The children start laughing. Then the children run away and he runs after them. "The boss tent." The boy look to see if he could know whats inside the tent. Then he tells the girl to take a look. They both go inside the tent. The women doesn't know where her boyfriend is and she starts looking for him. After that two people came in and the woman tells the man they can sit there because there was no people in there. The boy came outside of the tent using big clothes. The man goes back and he thinks that he is toutching his girlfriend's hand but he is touching another man's foot. The man start laughing because he thinks his girlfriend is doing it. Then the man sees the other man and he understands that his girlfriend wasn't doing it. The man find his girlfriend. The other man follows him and say"You're fired!" He tries to explain but the other one doesn't want to listen. The little girl goes out of the tent wearing a big coat. The woman see the boy and the man follows him. He takes the pants from the boy and then he sees the girl and take her with him to the tent. He see the boy going into the sea and he runs but he is wearing clothes so he doesn't go in the water. The boy has a hat with sand that goes into the tent. The man goes into the tent to change his clothes and he sees the other man and the little girl there. He pretend that he didn't know that he was in the wrong one "Excuse me my mistake the next tent is mine." The girl runs away. There was a woman in the next tent so he was kicked out. He starts running. Then the girlfriend of the other man calls him because she saw something. "Palmistry have your hand read now. "The other woman was there and then the man went there to meet her. She wants him to give his hand to a woman to read it. He did it and she was very excited. "Your hand tells me something is coming to you.", "A dark man is thinking of you. "The other man is on the tent and he sees the hat with sand in his pants. He thinks the man did it. "He is very anxious to meet you." When the man sees the other one he runs to him. "You're going to have SUCH a surprise! "The man turns and the other man punches him. "You're fired! "They start fighting. His girlfriend is screaming. "Do that again!" A ball hits the man and the other one thinks he did it so he is very happy. The man stands up and they fight again. Another ball hits him and he falls down. Again he is very happy because his girlfriend came in and thought he did it. "More quick-firing." The man is doing it and his girlfriend receive lots of presents. The children see a gun and they run away with it. They are playing and the boy leaves an apple on the girl's head. The girl eats some apple and then put it on her head again. The boy see the man and he starts running. The woman takes the girl with her. The man on the beach wakes up and start looking for the other man. When he turns around he sees his girlfriend and the man. "YOU'RE FIRED!! "They start fighting again. Now three man are running after him because he made them fall down. Then he finds his girlfriend. "We've just time to catch the boat back-you'll catch it if you miss it. "The man sees the children playing again and he takes them with him. Then they go into a car but it is moving and he is not in there with the girl and they forgot the bag. He runs but then he falls down with the girl. He catches another car but when he goes back to take his bag the car is moving with the girl in but without him. The bag is open so everything falls down.

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