Film: 2441

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Stan Laurel wears bowler hat and stripy prison uniform He's a prisoner.
He is about to take bite from large pie when he sees fly on it and tries to swat it. Catches fly, looks in his hand, listens to his hand, shares his excitement at having caught a fly with the audience, and throws fly (presumably) through barred door (Stan helps fly "escape"). Sits down. Breaks pie in half and happily munches pie. Looks at pie and fly on it again. Prison guard walks past with rifle. Stan puts pie on floor and tiptoes to barred door. He calls guard, says "Sshh!" and puts his finger to his lips. He indicates pie on floor with fly on it. Close-up of pie. He borrows rifle and fires at pie. Prisoners let out of cells by guards. They march with arms on shoulder of man in front. Stan marks time and runs away. Is stopped by guard. Stan joins prisoners in washroom. He is told to wash. Prisoner is washing his face with soapy water from bowl on bench. Stan stands next to him and takes bowl. Man searches for bowl with his fingers. Stan and other prisoner take bowl from each other several times. Stan washes his shoes. Prisoner gets angry with Stan. Stan shakes guard's hand. Stan told to sit on bench; he does and catapults soapy water over guard. Stan leaves. Prisoner and Stan dig in tunnel. Both have pick-axes and Stan still wears his bowler hat. Prisoner gives Stan a lighted candle. He attaches the candle to the brim of his bowler. Stan's job is to clear the rubble that his mate is making, but by crawling between man's legs to get at rocks, he burns other man's backside. Man mops his brow. He is getting hot. Stan is caught by prisoner between his legs; he snatches candle from Stan and pushes his hat down hard on Stan's head. Stan cries. Stan looks petulant, then coy and smiles at the prisoner who looks very surly and who threatens to strangle him. Stan burns his hands on the candle. Guard stalks along on tiptoe with rifle. The escape tunnel emerges in the T.N.T. and dynamite store. The prisoners lift slab of concrete and climb up. Stan again burns the other prisoner. Prisoner hammers a hole in the wall, Stan gives him a fuse, prisoner lights it, hands dynamite to Stan and runs and covers his face. Stan just holds the stick of dynamite. Prisoner shouts at him. Stan puts dynamite in hole and hammers it in. Wafts of smoke come out of the hole. Huge explosion. The prisoners emerge in office of prison governor. Prisoners shake hands. Governor emerges from under rubble and pulls gun on Stan; other prisoner grabs governor from behind and they wrestle. Stan runs about uselessly and does his leg-splitting jump in the air. Stan picks up telephone and shouts "Help!". He is dirty and his clothes are torn. Prisoner and governor wrestle. Prisoner asks Stan for help. Stan thinks about hitting governor with the hat stand but rejects that idea. He grabs vase of flowers. Girl enters room, Stan removes flowers from vase and his prisoner on head (presumably the wrong man). The prisoner is unconscious. Girl intercedes on Stan's behalf with the governor and tells him Stan rescued him. They shake hands. Stan moves to shake hands with governor and turns to shake hands with girl leaving governor to shake shreds of his clothing. Stan is happy. He is released from jail. He wears suit and straw boater. He shakes girl's hand. They are both unhappy. Close-up of Stan's face - he nearly cries. Close-up of governor's face - blubbering. Stan howls in close-up. Girl in close-up uses handkerchief. Governor escorts girl back in through prison gates. Stan turns to face camera. He mops his eyes and has the governor's fob-watch in his hand. In the other hand he has a wallet full of cash in notes. He tries to call governor back but he has gone. Stan does little dance and shares his joy with the audience - he holds the watch up. Prison guard with rifle approaches. Stan walks off. Guard follows closely. Guard beckons Stan to him. Stan walks off up road and steps over manhole cover marked by flag. Guard falls down it. Stan runs away from camera.

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