Film: 2443

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Featuring Dorothy Dwan, Oliver Hardy, Larry Semon.
People dancing at a wild party as balloons and streamers falling. Woman performs cartwheel, Woman's head is revealed as she lowers newspaper. Men at table hitting balloons back and forth. Woman peering through curtains, writing in notebook. Hand comes through and grabs her head. She is dragged along corridor by a group of men. Men pushing woman through doorway. Man pulling woman's hat off. Woman slapping man across face. Men struggle to hold woman with rope. Policeman reading newspaper, close up of print. Man thumping table with fist. Big man threatening black workman, handing him a gun. Black man tosses gun away, pulls large folding knife from pocket and licks the blade of the knife. Sharpening knife on sole of shoe. Large packing cases / boxes in background, suddenly, come to life, take on human shape and walk towards him. Close shot of black man's screaming face, his hat flying from his head and landing again. Black man jumps out of his shoes and overalls. Diving off end of jetty. swimming, comes ashore and swims through sand. Box-men approach truck which drives away. Medium close shot of box-men tossing heads to reveal men inside. Box-men are hit by car, smashing boxes as men fall out. Men unloading box from truck. Two men running into closed door. Party, people at tables play with balloons. Men enter, hand hats to young woman. Men peer through curtains. Waiter hands menu to men at table. Woman with fan approaches men at table, as a femme fatale. Men beckoning woman to join them. Man and woman kiss behind feather fan. One man sits at table with canoodling couple. Captive woman unties herself, runs straight into gang of men. Two men kissing accidentally as woman escapes, one throws the other onto the floor. Woman climbing ladder. Dropping crate onto men who wait at the bottom of ladder. Woman pushing open skylight and climbing through. Woman closing trapdoor and standing on it. Man served melon at table, puts napkin or seviette at his neck. Man next to him removes the napkin and lays it on his eating partner's knee. Woman offers man a cigarette, he puts it into holder and returns it to her. Man lights woman's cigarette. Woman blows smoke from the end of her cigarette into mans mouth. Close shot of man's head 'spinning'. Woman takes dizzy-looking man's arm and leads him from the table. Man appears drugged, hand comes through curtains from behind and drags him through. Man is dragged along corridor by a gang of men and thrown into room. Man (a) staggers as man (b) tries to support him, man (b) is about to punch man (a), man (a) suddenly recovers and knocks man (b) out. Woman calling from overhead trapdoor. Man leaps from stack of boxes. Man turns tail and is chased by gang of men. Man escaping gang by climbing ladder. Man closing trapdoor. Fat man running up staircase. Man shouting from window. Men unfolding trampoline. Woman leaping through window and onto trampoline. Man preparing himself to leap from window. Hits pavement below. Man carried down street (in long-shot) by two other men. Man and woman being thrown into packing-cases. Men throwing two crates onto a truck. Man opens crate, woman climbs out. Man (a) opens case and pulls man (b) out. Man (b) tries to tiptoe off, is spotted by two other men and pretends to be dancing a jig. Man (b) is punched by man (a), falls through trapdoor. Man points gun at another man and woman. Man and woman climb ladder. Man punches man in face. Close up of woman shouting encouragement. Men chase each other through rigging of ship. Man follows woman up rope-ladder and onto ship's mast. Long shot of woman diving from top of ship's mast. Men climbing rigging. Man (a) swinging from rope, rope is sliced by another man (b) and man (a ) falls into sea. Man and woman swim towards each other. Embrace momentarily in the water. Medium close shot of man handling ring to woman. Placing ring on woman's finger. Man (b) leaning on fence beckons angrily with finger. Man (b) removes ring from woman's finger and bites it. Places it in his pocket. Woman holds angry men apart with her arms. Man (a) goes to shake hands with man (b), instead man (b) replaces his hat, takes woman by the arm and marches off. Man (a) leans on fence and falls through into water.

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