Film: 2444

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Keystone 1917
Mother and daughter (Myrtle Lind) shake hands with man in hotel foyer. He shows them to seating; on the way, girl picks playing cards off table and gets excited. Mother disapproves and makes girl put them down. They sit on sofa. Marriageable girl says she'd like to meet Sir Robin (played by Ford Sterling), who is introduced. He takes mother's hand. A rival appears on the scene and talks to girl. Girl and rival left alone: girl hands her hat to her mother who departs. Girl sits down and indicates a seat next to her for man. The seat is lower than he expects, and his feet go in the air. He takes her hand in his. Mother offers her arm to Sterling and they walk into room where her daughter and the rival are chatting cosily and drinking tea. Rival taken aside by mother so Sterling can talk to girl. He sits on sofa, but hurts himself on seat. Offers daughter a case with a necklace in it. She leaps up, delightful. Her mother puts it on her. Girl smiles. Close-up of girl - she preens herself. All four look at photographs of girl with her pearls. Mother locks pearls away. Suitors look interested in acquiring pearls. Rival enters jeweller's shop and asks for cheap imitation pearl necklace. On the way out, her bumps into Sterling. Sterling enters jeweller's and shakes hands with jeweller. He buys a $1 imitation with a coin from his pocket and leaves. Mother enters shop and asks for imitation necklace until after the wedding and compares necklace with photograph. She puts the necklace in her handbag and leaves the shop. Girl asleep in bed. Rival goes to wall safe and opens it. He is a thief and intends to steal necklace. He switches the necklaces. Rival leaves by door as Sterling enters by window. Sterling hears something and hits himself in the face with the safe door. He swaps the necklaces. Mother wakes up; she switches the necklaces and climbs into bed. She shoves the necklace down her cleavage. Butler finds safe door open, takes some paper money and goes behind sofa as he hears girl approach. She is happy. Mother tries to pawn pearls at jeweller's; he puts jeweller's eye-piece in and shakes his finger - "I sold them for a dollar yesterday." She is outraged and bumps into rival as she leaves shop. She leads him off. Sterling and girl sit at home. Close-up of newspaper announcing the engagement. Girl looks in safe, it is empty. Sterling drags her out of the way and looks. Mother arrives and argues with Sterling. Sterling catches rival and drags him into room. They all argue while girl is distraught. The engagement is broken off. Girl telephones police - "Help! Thief!" Police arrive. Butler emerges, steals cap-gun, kidnaps girl and backs out of room. A human shield. He climbs on roof with girl and fires gun. Girl falls but is caught on pole jutting from wall. Mother faints. Police run at man, one policeman falls off roof into pond. Policeman on telephone calls for Keystone Cops. Car chases man down road. Policeman falls in pond. Two men fight on roof. Car spins on wet patch on road and drops cops off it. Good car stunt where police-car jumps over another and takes roof off car. Tram runs over policeman. Cops and men try to put a ladder up to girl - men fall in pond. Cops turn up and another falls into pond. Cop falls off ladder into pond. Sterling climbs telegraph pole - he tightrope walks to girl and rescues her by holding on to rope with his toes and hanging upside-down, climbing along rope holding girl. She is released at telegraph pole and climbs down to safety. Sterling and girl hold hands. He says, "I did it for love. Good-bye!" He walks off melodramatically and she follows with her arms outstretched. They embrace, she with her head on his shoulder.

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