Film: 2446

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand and Mack Sennett.
Chaplin enters carrying his cane. Hits himself on the back of the head with cane. Sennett holds Normand, she looks worried. They argue and he kicks her in the face. He puts his hat on. Chaplin holds onto swing and throws stone. It hits Mabel. She is angry and throws stone back. It knocks Chaplin off swing. Sennett demonstrates his bravado and punches Mabel in mouth. She slaps him. Sennett play-acts hitting Chaplin. Chaplin hits Sennett. Mabel runs to man who lifts her up and kisses her. Sennett and Chaplin stop threatening one another when they see Mabel sitting on man's knee on swing. She looks coy. Men sneak up on swing. Each hits man on head. He barely fells a thing. They both hit him together. He looks up and sees them. They run off. Chaplin and Sennett hide in hut. They throw things at man. One stone hits Mabel. Man throws brick which hits Chaplin on the head. Chaplin kicks Sennett's backside. Sennett kicks Chaplin's backside. Chaplin picks up huge wooden mallet and threatens Sennett. Chaplin tests mallet on Sennett's head. Chaplin pokes Sennett with handle. Both men hit the other on the backside with the mallet. Chaplin locks shed door from outside. Mabel and man sit in hay. Chaplin and Sennett advance with hammer. Sennett is hit on the nose by accident. Chaplin laughs. They sneak up on Mabel and her suitor. They knock suitor out. They take their hats off politely to Mabel. Men carry body away. They put body in shed. Chaplin kisses man's head. Chaplin knocks out Sennett and walks over his prostrate form. He leaves and padlocks the door. He mimes sleep. He sits down with Mabel.

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