Film: 2451

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Car thieves comedy.
Car pulls up outside shop. Man says to wife, 'I'll watch the car'. They both get out and she goes off. He reaches inside car and pulls out shotgun which he puts on roof. He climbs on roof and sits there guarding car, 'riding shotgun'. Two men in overalls and carrying ladders and planks walk by. Wife says goodbye to shop keeper. She leaves shop and drops her shopping, throwing her arms in the air in surprise. Camera pulls back to reveal husband sitting on roof of car, which is supported by two ladders. Husband is blissfully unaware car has been stolen from under him and indicates where he is sitting proudly: 'I'd like to see them steal this'. He pats the roof and it and he falls off the ladders. Wife helps pick him up.
Two men have animated discussion in back garden. One is a judge, he pushes other man back into chair, the other the mayor. Lots of finger wagging at each other. Their concern is auto / car thieves. Butler introduces more people to discussion. Mayor says 'I'll take care of the crooks, I have a travelling courtroom' which is just driving up, mayor indicates it. Close up of sign 'Justice Court'. Cop pulls steps down at back of the large open backed and open topped truck. Mayor shows people to court. Looks pompous. Cop sarcastically salutes mayor. People mount steps. Judge bangs gavel and tells mayor to remove his hat. Mayor combs his hair. Motorcycle pulls up with accompanied car. Cop takes man's arm and shows him to judge, man was speeding. Another man gets in car and drives it off. He steals the car. Car owner is angry.
Two cars drive side by side down wooded avenue. Close up of one car. Driven by two, girl by his side, and man in Tam O'Shanter in the back. Man smiles, girl is coy. Driver of other car has moustache and looks a rotter! Driver is distracted and nearly crashes into tree. Car thieves' leader brought roughly before judge. Judge waves his gavel at crook, crook smiles and threatens and points back. Mayor joins argument, slaps his hand down, judge hits his hand with gavel accidentally, pain, puts hand under his armpit and blows on his fingers. Judge not sympathetic and tells mayor to take his hat off again. Crooks accomplice sneaks alongside court and slips gun to his boss. Boss pulls gun. People put their hands in the air. One man tries to climb away. Another jumps over side. Hero's car arrives. Hero carries a can and as he turns to talk to his friends, crook gets out of truck. Hero backs into crook and his cane sticks up crook who throws his hands in the air. Cops recapture crook. Judge shakes hero's hand. Judge takes badge off cop's uniform and pins it on hero's lapel. Chief crook put in back of police wagon. He turns and threatens hero. The hero is now the new chief of police. He does not look very heroic and makes an excuse not to catch the rest of the gang. Two cops run up rather dishevelled. The patrol wagon has been stolen. Judge clutches his head in despair and sits down. Hero looks worried. Dinner table, all of party leave table except Scotsman (minus his hat). He spots jar on table 'Brandied Cherries'. Prohibition gag where he removes cherries one by one and squeezes them into glass. Judge and mayor give hero advice on how to catch thieves. They walk off and he nods repeatedly. He removes his chief of police badge and slips it in his pocket. Hero overhears his love rival calling him a yellow coward. Rival makes a plot to prove hero is no hero. Group get in car and drive off. Hero and Scotsman get in car and drive off. Thieves run to internal door. Chief crook puts finger to lips, 'Shhhh'. Hero and Scotsman in kilt get out of car and approach door. Another man steals car and Scotsman falls over trying to get back in. Hero picks up large stave, stick and advances to door. Crooks run away. Two men force the door and fall over. Close up of hero's hand on tartan kilt. Scotsman stand up, his kilt stays down and reveals tartan underpants. Hero removes hands and kilt fires back into place because of elastic holding it up. Sporran overshoots. Hero tells Scotsman to readjust his clothing. He does this in a mirror. They jump when close up of foot stands on object on floor which compresses into the floor. It is a water jet and they get wet. Scotsman pulls statue over. Crook puts man who is tied up and masked out as a bait. Hero gets ready with club and hits man, it is his love rival. Man lies unconscious with eyes open and cross-eyed on floor. Door opens behind hero and Scotsman and rival is pulled in. Crook sets love rival up again. He gets hit. Because he has mask on, hero dies not realize it is same man. Chief crook follows hero with a gun. Scotsman pulls love rival's mask down and realises they have hit the same man twice. He runs to tell hero, but sees and touches chief crook, who just looks at him. Scotsman runs. Crook taps hero on shoulder who does not turn round, but notions 'Shhhh' with finger to lips. Beckons man forward. Scotsman looks around for something and sticks his hand through curtains. Hero clubs him. He staggers back. He sits next to still unconscious love rival and looks unwell. When love rival wakes up, Scotsman runs off. He runs through area in side of house full of cars, and hides head first in sidecar of bike and sidecar. Travelling court arrives outside. Inside the girl runs to hero but she is grabbed by accomplice. Hero realises man behind him is not Scotsman, he feels his trouser leg, turns round, sees face and screams and flees. He leaps on motorbike and drives off scattering bodies. Man knocked out comically, till he collapses. Motorbike chases men round in circle. Man in sidecar kicks man against wall who does a head stand. Bike drives over man on ground. Scotsman clubs man down, who is dazed, gets up and statue falls on his head. Bike and sidecar go up staircase. Thieves run up stairs after them towards camera. Bike comes back down. Chief crook rolls down stairs, sidekicks leap off staircase, good falls onto heads. One does handstand. Bike drives through curtain. Scotsman covered in curtain. Crook opens door and runs to travelling court. He drives off. Motorbike drives at last villain who dives over table. Sidecar crashes into door and gets left in house spinning around as hero takes bike after crook. Motorbike narrowly avoids car in the chase. In the back of the court judge and mayor struggle to get up. Hero takes motorbike up a ramp at the back of the court. He crashes straight through partition and grabs the crook who is driving truck. Crook knocked out, and hero reaches for the hand brake. Stop. Cops help hero down. Love rival brings girl by hand to scene. Girl hugs hero. Crook held by police. Hero gives police badge to mayor and pins it on his chest. Scotsman picks up rock and hits love rival on the head who collapses into his arms. Hero kisses girl.

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