Film: 2455

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Mack Sennett film featuring Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde, Kathryn McGuire. Involves chaotic polo game and horse race.
In a club, two wives read newspapers on settee. Women look vexed. Big man with top hat and back eye emerges through curtain. Man gives hat and cane to maid. Holding his black eye he approaches wife. She is annoyed with him. He leans over man and reads newspaper. Close up of headline - he can be potential hero. Snatches paper and tells wife (he tells a story) - looking in jeweller's window for wife's birthday present. Horse and cart career down street. Close up of three year old girl sitting in street emptying stones out of her shoes. He sees her and rushes to save her and he gets run over. Tells story, wife sympathetic and lots of applause from spectators. They embrace. Man pins medal on his lapel. Billy Bevan appears through curtains with top hat and black eye. Puts on nonchalant swagger - hat tipped over eye, but maid takes hat and cane. Wife sees him. He starts to make excuses, looks guilty, sits down on settee. Fans himself with newspaper. Reads paper and points to article. Pleased with potential excuse. Other man feels uncomfortable, and puts hand to collar. Wife looks accusingly. Billy looks at newspaper again and laughs, slaps knee. His story is three babies and three horses and carts. They canter down street. Billy outside jewellers. Runs to running board of car and off it goes. Billy steering, narrowly avoids cars. Three girls in road. Billy picks up street sweeper's shovel and collects girls just ahead of horses. Lets them go in middle of road. They all laugh and clap. Car continues and crashes through side of van. Wife happy with story. Maid shakes her head knowingly. Billy clenches fists. Billy and wife embrace. Both couples embrace and hug. Billy thumbs nose at his friend who shakes his fist back. Man takes medal off friend, pushes him onto settee and pins medal on Billy and shakes Billy's hand. Wife is pleased. Maid haughtily storms off pursued by medal man through curtains. She comes back hat askew. He comes back with two black eyes. Takes medal off Billy, pins it on himself. Tells story but no-one believes him and all walk off. He is very demonstrative. Two couples at table outside at polo club. Billy passes binoculars to friend who looks at fat man with trumpet who gets trampled by twenty spectators rushing through gate. Polo players mount ponies. Billy's friend knocked off horse by low bar. Sits on ground shaking fist. Billy shows off to wife - holds saddle, turns away, horse walks off, Billy mounts, and falls to floor. Wife laughs. He picks up saddle and runs after horse. Other riders chase Billy. Gets away and wipes sweat from brow / forehead. Takes running jump at horse from behind, but is catapulted over top. People laugh. Referee throws ball in air - riders charge at him and he is trampled and covered in horshoe marks. Sits on nails of one horseshoe. Referee gets on donkey. Cameraman filming game shouts and waves. Ball is hit and knocks cameraman off perch. Spectator throws melon onto field, lands by Billy, he hits it into referee's face. Cameraman now dressed as baseball catcher returns ball. Ball hit onto spike on Billy's helmet. Polo stick wrapped round Billy's neck and shaken from side to side. Ball hit out of ground. Horses jump fence after it. One horse falls badly. Players play polo down street. Cars follow. People fall off backs of cars when they start off and chase on foot. Cars squeeze over bridge. Ball lands in cyclist's saddlebag and he is pursued. Attempts to hit ball. Ball lands on fruit seller's barrow. It is destroyed. Man shakes fist after riders. Cars rush by. Ball lands in back of grocery wagon. Polo players smash it to pieces and knock wheel off. Ball hit through window, lands in soup bowl and soaks three men. Players ride through front door. Waiter clings to chandelier. Things thrown out of window. Horses ride out again after ball. Animated cartoon graphic of horses which jump over cars coming in opposite direction. Riders jump back onto field, one falls. They destroy fence. Ball lands in hole in field. Billy dismounts and picks it up. Horse kicks him through goal. Everyone cheers. Billy looks battered.

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