Film: 2456

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Johney's fickle girlfriend is a film fan and in love with one film star after another. So he dresses as Valentino, Fairbanks, and Harold Lloyd to please her. But he can't keep up with her changing fancies.
Johnny Arthur enters room and kisses seated woman. He stands wearing a hat. He leaves scene and his mother behind, surreptitiously taking flowers from a vase. Girl is arranging impressive floral display in a vase. A butler brings her post or mail – she is a movie fan. She opens large letter which contains a signed photograph of a Rudolph Valentino look-alike as a sheik. Suitor approaches front of house and walks up path past gardener. He is told of when he adds to his posy of flowers with flowers from a flower pot. He rings doorbell. Butler bows deeply and allows suitor to enter. As girl is drooling over photograph, boyfriend sits on other end of settee. Carrying chocolates and flowers he edges ever nearer. She takes the chocolates and smiles briefly, but her interest lies in the film star in the picture. She briefly takes the flowers and puts them down. Man shows some consternation. Woman is smitten – ‘If you could only make love the way he does’. Man is deeply perplexed. He motions that he is leaving and she smiles and blows him a kiss. He motions ‘aw, shucks’ with his arm.
Sitting in a room on his own man has a sudden burst of inspiration. He strips bed of its sheets, and starts to change his clothes. Meanwhile postman is delivering another large envelope to the butler. Butler delivers letter from the Fairbanks studio. She now goes dewy eyed over Douglas Fairbanks photo. ‘Sheik’ arrives at front door and tramps through where gardener is working. From behind where girl sits on sofa he approaches and is dismayed to see close up of picture of Fairbanks. ‘Drat’. He leaves and walks straight through pile of earth the gardener has swept up. Irate gardener kicks soil around some more. At home, man dresses as Fairbanks as Robin Hood. He gets into character and leaps around the room and through doors. He jumps up high and fixes on a sword belt. He caresses a female mannequin. He draws his sword on a male mannequin, lunges at it and knocks its head off as it falls to the floor. He salutes with his sword, wipes the ‘blood’ from his sword blade on female mannequin’s cloak. He turns and finds his mother picking up the fallen mannequin. He kisses her goodbye and departs. He flies (literally) out of room, and runs out of front door and over veranda.
Meanwhile girl is handed another envelope by her butler. It contains a signed portrait still of Harold Lloyd. She gives butler the old photos and is pleased with Harold Lloyd. ‘Robin Hood’ runs along sidewalk of suburban street and leaps over wall of garden. He jumps past garden to front door and acts triumphantly. He rings doorbell with his sword. Butler stops Robin Hood from entering by telling him – ‘You’re too late, it’s Harold Lloyd now’. And jerks his thumb over his shoulder. Robin acts melodramatically, jumps over railing and lands in a small pond. He emerges, filthy. Gardener attempts to pull him out, but falls in head first. Robin Hood runs off. Now dressed as Harold Lloyd in a straw boater, he takes a man’s spectacles as man is looking elsewhere. He bounds up stairs to front door of house. He asks the butler if the postman has been yet, butler shakes his head, ‘Harold Lloyd’ throws him down stairs and into gardener. Harold steps into room, throws photo away, takes girl by the hand and leads her at a hurry through hall and down outside stairs. They jump over butler and gardener who sit on floor. Butler and gardener make chase. Man helps girl into car. Postman arrives and presents large envelope to girl. Man throws envelope over hedge. They drive off and wobble down road. They crash into back of wagon in road marked ‘Fish’. Man and girl in car pick through crabs. Two other men in car pursuing them. By side of car, girl takes a fish or similar from seat of man’s pants. He takes her by hand and they run off. He takes a saddle off a peg on wall and couple run round corner. They re-emerge on an aeroplane, he in front seat of biplane and she sitting on saddle behind. His boater hat blows off, she catches it and hands it back to him. Aircraft takes off. Stunt flying. Two men in car point upwards at sky. Plane crashes into church. In church, couple recover and pick themselves up. She blows her hair out of her eyes. He asks her how she likes him as Harold Lloyd. She takes his hat and glasses off and throws them to the floor. She turns her back, but quickly smiles and turns back. She rests on his shoulder, they smile and embrace.

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