Film: 2466

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Stan Laurel later voice over. Silent comedy.
Cine Accessories Co "Reel Film" release.
Alaskan gold mining town. Car drives down street. Men argue and fight. Stan Laurel gets out of taxi, black driver closes door. Stan reaches for pipe. Fighting men start gun fight. Buster Keaton thrown out of bar pulls gun. Close up of gun in hand. Lots of firing of guns. Man fires through cell window. Sheriff gets hat shot off. Stan smokes pipe, walks over bodies which lie in main street of western town. Woman runs at Stan from behind. Man shoots at them, so Stan shields her. Other man shoots at her, she gets hit in backside twice. Truck arrives: "Alaska Street Cleaning Department" and men pick up bodies. Cut to gold panning - close up of pan with boot and corset in. Stan has a go - calls other men around him. Catches fish in his big sieve. Second attempt - he gets notes and coins. He calls prospectors to him and they frantically dig. They get stuck up by men with arrest warrant with word "Spy". Close up of warrant. Stan snaps gun in half. Men put their hands in the air. Four men play cards at table, one pulls card from boot is spotted cheating. Gun pulled and accusation withdrawn. Men crowd round Stan and hold their guns to him. Cut to Stan walking down street in mackintosh and carrying umbrella. He puts hand out, realises it is raining and puts umbrella up. Stan enters room which has baddie in it. Stan closes door and turns key. Throws key to baddie. Stan tilts head and water runs onto head of baddy. Stan attempts to nail door shut - hits finger and sucks it. Nails second door and walks away. Immediately mincing gay cowboy enters reading book. Stan rolls up shirt sleeves and throws gun away. Other man pulls gun and they fight. Gun goes off. Stan bites other man's hand. They wrestle on desk for paper knife. Mincing cowboy enters and lifts Stan's head from the desk and takes piece of paper from desk before mincing out again. Fighters stop briefly before resuming. Knife gets stuck in desk. Stan kicks other man on backside. He takes jacket off. Men fight, table collapses. Men roll on floor. Man bites other man's ear. Mincing cowboy enters and stands on chair and takes shirt off peg. Mens' hands grasp for gun on floor. Effeminate cowboy enters, picks up gun, puts it in holster. Man picks up safe and throws it, goes through door onto man's head who is holding up other men at gunpoint. He falls into water trough. Fighters fall through door into room of effeminate cowboy who is buffing his fingernails - blows on them, adjusts hair in mirror, blows himself a kiss. Pillow fight with lots of feathers - men fall through window onto boardwalk. Fight continues on dance floor (band of pianist, fiddler and trumpeter). Man falls against wall after being punched and kicked - bottles slide off shelf onto head. Stan sits on stove. Stan leaves saloon - men ignore him. Camp cowboy leans out of window and drops flower in flowerpot on Stan's head. Stan carted off by street cleaners. He leans over back of truck.

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