Film: 2467

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Comedy on South Sea island. Cannibals. Interesting under water section with mermaids.

Tribe that appear to be wearing dried grass style skirts are taking turns throwing what look like javelins with large arrow heads at a man in front of them. The individual, with unusual face painting style has a very frightened expression on his face and tries his best to dodge what is being thrown at him, a member of the tribe jumping about in an exceptionally excitable manner in the backdrop. Possible tribe leader proudly shows what appears to be a feather crown to those around him. The group continue to throw weapons at the man as he attemps to avoid them. Rather large individual with huge nose ring bends backwards and attempts to chuck the arrow over his head at the other man, group appearing to get excited, this lands just above his head and catches his hair. Tribe cheer and potential leader presents his prize. The large man is crowned by the leader, lady, leader's daughter, fanning herself in a hut, she wears a lot of floral decoration around her neck, wrists and in her hair. She continues to fan herself, looking thoroughly fed up. Winner appears to offer the leader for his daughter's hand in marriage, leader looking utterly shocked and declining. Winner bows to the leader as though meaning to apologise. A goat appears out of the bushes and makes a dash across the camp, headbutting the winner who knocks into the leader, sending him flying into the cooking pot. Tribe rush to pull him out, he jumps around trying to cool himself and the others quickly throw earth up at him in an effort to help. As the winner trys to explain what has happened the leader proceeds to grab him by the neck and shake him, he gives instruction for him to be shot and members of the tribe drag him away. Three members are searching the beach when one picks up a bottle and becones the others towards him, he removes the top to find a letter, the lady comes across and takes it from them. She smells the paper and takes it to her father, explaining to him that the man on the paper is the only man she will marry. Her father nods in acceptance of this and explains to the winner that if he can find said man he will be pardoned. They appear to direct the man in the direction he should be travelling. The man is located at his wedding, with a room full of guests, woman says "I do" as some tribe members appear through the curtain and hit the gentleman over the head, he falls and they drag him off through the curtains. All witnesses with shocked expressions and they rush to the front, where wife vows to follow him. As the boat draws onto the shore the tribe jump with joy, they frighten him and he runs inland into a coconut tree, a large amount fall onto him. Shot of a monkey at the top of the tree. The man greets a small dog tied to a pole, he jumps and turns to greet the leader. Chief explains why he has been brought to the island and proceeds to show him his daughters.

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