Film: 2472

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Keystone 1913
Set in American Civil War (1860-1865). Two main characters are Goldberg and Cohen. Whole film shot outdoors. Two men argue over woman, they fight. One man falls in bush. Man runs away, shakes his fist. Goes through door marked "Abe Goldberg". Cohen and girl kiss. They walk to town. Man hits man on hat. Man looks under bench for man. He looks very angry. Man tries to run into other man's house, but door slams in face and hurts his nose. Confederate troops march to camera. Girl kisses man. Cohen and Goldberg prepare to join up as Federal troops. Federal troops march through countryside. People proud of Lieutenant Goldberg and Sergeant Cohen. Sergeant hands rifle to his superior whilst he kisses his girl. Lieutenant angrily hands gun back. Troops march off. Long shot of cavalry. Federal officer orders Cohen away. Close up of anxious girl's face. Sergeant faces camera with Confederate troops running by in background. Explosion right behind him. Confeds retreat down hill firing guns. Battle scenes. Federal camp - Sergeant hides in tent. Confeds charge. Lieut picks Sergeant for job. Cowardly sergeant indicates other soldiers who could do dangerous job. Confed gun battery. Federal battery fires at confed cavalry. 'Doubting his bravery, Goldberg follows'. Confed troops fire rifles. Sergeant catches smoking cannon ball - throws it back, cannon ball explodes, knocks him over, but forces Confederates back. Lots of Confederates charge at camera and fall down dead. Sergeant collects the Stars and Stripes American flag and plants it. He is congratulated by another soldier, they shake hands. Sergeant (looking smug), kisses flag. Fellow soldier cheers, but is shot and falls down. Sergeant frightened and runs away. His girl pleads with general. Lieutenant finds Sergeant. Revived soldier says 'Cohen saved the Flag' - officers cheer. Lieut chases Sergeant who turns to shoot him. Lieut plays dead, then gets up and chases Sergeant again. Lieut and Sergeant fight as Confederate troops run by. Sergeant stands by pig sty - he doesn't want to climb in but does. Hides in sty. Lieut and two soldiers find Sergeant and arrest him. Lieutenant takes rifle away from Sergeant and brandishes large sword. Sergeant is marched to camp. Lieutenant explained sergeant was hiding and is cowardly. General is angry. Sergeant pleads. Sergeant and Lieut fight. Sergeant's hat comes off, General puts it back. Sergeant sentenced to be shot, girl pleads, they kiss. Sergeant led away. Melodramatically beats his breast and pleads. Firing squad marches with him and girl follows. Sergeant called out of line by Lieut. Girl argues with General, and rides a horse along track away from camera. Lieutenant attempts to blindfold Sergeant, but Sergeant refuses. Lieut loads soldier's rifle and hands it back. Obviously enjoying himself. Girl rides up to officer and points. Sergeant pleads for life. Soldier's gun accidentally goes off, sergeant and lieut frightened. Sergeant feels himself for wound. Sergeant reminds lieut how they grew up together. Lieut cries but snaps out of it. Girl leads officers to rescue on horseback. Soldiers take aim. Girl and soldiers arrive in time. Officer says they know how Cohen saved the flag and shakes sergeant's hand. Troops cheer and wave hats in air. Officer gives Lieutenant's hat and sword to sergeant. Cohen chases Goldberg and other soldiers away with sword. He pats his chest, girl looks coy whilst holding the flag.

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