Film: 2475

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Motorcade of the state President of South Africa, J. G. Coetzee at Johannesburg City Hall, south Africa. He meets the city's mayor. Freedom of the city is to be conferred on the President. He steps from the car wearing a sash. Guard of Honour. President walks in procession. Medal placed round his neck. President talks into a microphone. We hear his speech. He is proud to become a free man of the main city in South Africa. Section of the crowd with black spectators. Applause of crowd. Talks of the unity of South Africans - that they are all now republicans. Then talks in afrikaans. Party of schoolgirls in crowd.
Space centre. Spinning computer tape disks. Solar charts. Close up of hand adjusting knobs on computer. Orbital meteorological forecasting system. Weather photographs of South Africa.
Race meeting - the fashions are terrible swinging sixties fashions. Race horses parading. Jockeys mounted. The 'off' from the racing stalls. The horse race. On the straight, the finish. Leading in the winner and D. Abercrombie the white jockey. Race meeting at the Cape.

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