Film: 2482

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Later sound compilation of comedy films of 1920's.
Ostensibly a day in the life of Hollywood.
Filmed through screen surrounding harem swimming pool; girls jump and dive into water. Pan back through prison-type door. Dancing girls in feathers with head-dresses run down wide staircase.
Billy Bevan as director with large megaphone. On movie set. Melodrama with man stealing kiss from girl. Period costume. Another director directs actors climbing rope to lion's den.
Speeded up bit where ancient Roman punches three men down.
Ben Turpin in a turban kisses girl who is washing clothes. Close-up of director shouting through megaphone.
Billy Bevan climbs up rope to rescue girl from lions. They snarl. Billy runs away after girl has been lifted to safety. He hides in cave. He runs out of cave pursued by lion. He jumps off ledge (not in same shot). Billy runs to log cabin. Silhouetted in the window is a man apparently stabbing a woman. Billy runs inside. Man has girl tied to chair. Lion leaps onto roof and down chimney. In cabin, lion emerges from fireplace and growls. Other lion enters cabin by crashing trough window. Three men and girl run. Lion chases them. Three lions jump through window of cabin and run off. Men run after lions. Cut to couple on couch when lion walks by. Couple flee. He is cross-eyed. Director of piece flees with his crew. Billy Bevan sitting at table is last to see lion. Men climbing scaffolding. Girls run up staircase. Lions leap through set and cause mayhem. Three men try to hide in room, but lion's paw catches Billy's backside. Men pull him free and they slam the door. Lion pushes door open. Billy opens door and lion's paw punches him. Lion jumps through fanlight above door. One jumps through fanlight into next room. Men open door and run. Man crawls on all fours past counter on which lion is lying. He runs. Lion climbs stairs. Lion jumps through fanlight. Man clings to chandelier. Lions jump over counter as man is leaning on it. Lions run straight at camera. Paper is fluttering everywhere. Good fight scene with man behind counter and lion's paw pulling him back. Man telephones for help. Telephonist runs from lion sitting in front of her. Police station gates open and police car exits and nearly crashes into another car. Man who is fighting lion puts his hands together as if praying and waves goodbye. Lion grabs man's backside through desk. Policeman on motorcycle rides towards camera. Four policemen on motorcycles. Two men tiptoe along and only see lion at last moment. They run when it snarls. Three men in room have tall black man with gun with them. Rifle has bayonet attached. Man with gun tiptoes out of room and does not see lion sneak into room. Lion has men cornered. It lies on bed. Men hide behind screen and Billy throws a sheet over lion. Black janitor in his nightclothes puts a chair against the door to barricade it. He gets into bed. Feathers go everywhere - a real snowstorm of a feather cloud. Three men emerge from behind screen and look up. They think it is snowing and hold out their hands and pull collars up to keep warm. Ghost of black janitor rises from the bed - he is an angel and has a halo. He flaps his wings. Men point. Twenty motorcycle policemen ride to camera. Girl with terrified look on her face - a lion is standing over her. It lies on her. Four frightened girls watch. Close-up of lion's mouth, Men run from lions and slam door. Lions jump through fanlight and pull door-frame down. Lion mauls men.
Cut to Ben Turpin fishing in oasis. Pulls a fish out. Lion pursues Ben and other Man through oasis pond and over sand dunes. Ben kicks up a lot of sand.

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