Film: 2487

Entertainment + Leisure | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Made by Cricks and Martin of Croydon 1902
Two short pieces together.
Fake Japanese magic with westerner dressed as Japanese man in traditional costume. He lifts a vase off table and puts it on floor. He opens a very large fan and drapes it over the vase. A camera trick reveals a palm frond. He does this two more times and the palm grows each time. Another camera trick - man has a larger Japanese fan, which he opens to reveal a Japanese girl standing where the palm was. Both bow. "Voila".
Another set. Man enters Indian Moghul type set. As he walks about the stage he stops and camera tricks reveal boxes and Moghul warriors standing on stage. Magician (who is dressed ordinarily) stands on each box and steps off to reveal a girl. The warriors jump onto boxes and disappear. The girls jump off boxes and disappear. Magician walks across stage.

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