Film: 249

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Malaya 1950's now Malaysia

Aerial shots of heavily wooded areas. Forests covering mountains. Ground shots travelling through the woodland. Women carrying large buckets balanced on sticks. A woman carves a tree to form a drainage channel for white sap (natural rubber), which is shown dripping into a small container. Lots of women carrying the buckets balanced across their shoulders, presumably full of the sap. A man ladles out the sap from a large container and places it into an upright cylinder. He puts an object in it which makes some of the sap overflow, and the object is then drawn out again. The natural rubber is poured into containers. A large train container carriage is marked latex and moves past. A man directs people surrounded by cut down trees. He walks to his car, gets in and drives off. He drives along a road, passing two people. He arrives at his destination and gets out. Meets a man in shorts and they shake hand briefly and talk. Scenes of mining, lots of industrial mining. A conveyor belt conveys mined earth from the mine location. Lots of earth being dug. Surplus earth is put into large troughs on rails which is winched up a hill. Mined earth is placed in a rotating beater and mixed with water. Dirty water being filtered out through a mesh. Men carrying buckets of water mixed with tin ore. Ships being unloaded by crane. Sacs being placed onto trolleys. Blast furnaces. Molten tin flowing. Tin ingots being lifted by a man onto a wheelbarrow. Port of Singapore, some large ships. A bus travels along a causeway, which connects Singapore with the Malayan peninsular. A map showing Malaya shipping routes. Lots of ships on water. A small boat travelling with a backdrop of large buldings. A packed dock. Men in shirts an ties standing outside a building (possibly a banking society). Busy streets, cars, cycle rickshaws, bicycles, and signs in English and Chinese. People walking in a market, mostly Asian. Busy market scenes. Fish, vegetables, rice and fruit in the markets.

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