Film: 2497

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Hopeless caveman comedy in which all characters wear furs at all times. Most usefully does contain a 7-second stock shot of Selfridges shop on Oxford Street, London in 1924. Prehistoric couple sit at a rough table. Both have lots of hair and wear furs. He smokes a long pipe. She appears to be knitting. The daughter smiles as she leads in her elderly 'boyfriend' by the hand. He looks nervous and out of place in his even more unusual clothing. Close up of this character (played by George Robey) with his face surrounded by hair rather like a lion and its mane. Girl's mother knits and talks. Her husband looks quite unhappy as he talks demonstratively. Hopeless text joke about football. Father bangs his huge hammer on table. Wife takes husband to task. He is chastened and sits down. She nags him. Hopeless text joke about their wedding. She stands behind her husband, bending forward to nag him in his ear, to chew his ear off. Young woman and boyfriend look hopeful. Mother takes girl away. Man scratches fur. He nervously talks to the seated prospective father in law who is very angry and who bangs the table. He mouths the word 'Nothing'. With an answer from prospective son in law, father melts and hugs the boy. He is now very happy, as his son-in-law to be is on the dole or unemployed we read. Women re-enter, the good news is broken and woman clutches her hands skywards in gratitude. The young couple are blessed.
Good external street scene of Selfridges in Oxford Street from ground level.
Back to prehistoric times. People enter cave with sign above door 'Store. Sale now on'. In store George Robey and fiancée are approached by male shopkeeper. George Robey wears a top hat. Couple stroll off, he smoking a cigarette and swinging his club. Robey talks to shop girl who points through a cave doorway. The three enter a lift and go up in the lift. In a part of the stall having a sale people examine prehistoric goods. Fiancee sits down to look at bridal wear. As she looks, he tests a new club, and wields it like a golf club. Robey hits something that hits a man's backside. They argue, Robey demonstrates what happened, lets go of the club which hits woman on the side of the head. Two men argue. One hits another on head with club. Two older men stand and argue over a table in a room. They repeatedly hit each other on the head with clubs and hammers - might be thought of as funny. Man talks on telephone. Other man talks on telephone and takes a message to Mr. Beetle Brows. Beetle Brows takes phone to other man and replaces receiver. Girl smiles happily.
Men rush to prehistoric fire engine. Beetle Brows rushing along a track in his fur with a tail on and club and top hat. Beetle Brows reaches fire engine, men jump off (they all wear firemen's helmets). Beetle Brows switches hats with one. Beetle Brows attempts to crank engine. Men look on expectantly. Fireman looks around for something. Using a divining rod he finds a hose which starts and soaks the firemen. Incidental caveman and woman couple hold hands out, feel rain - he puts up umbrella, but the jet is too powerful. Men struggle with hose. Fire engine barely crawling along with fur types and men waving clubs. Cave firemen walk off just past camera. Approach seated man and on being told something fall down disappointed and surprised.

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