Film: 2504

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Wonderful example of the new Flapper type of woman and their new attitudes.

Clara stands, her hair bobbed 1920's style, in a flimsy dress on a jetty, looking over the water in a shabby country landscape. A small boat floats up and she bends down to hold onto the side. Three men inside hold onto the jetty and as Clara sees the last one she throws her arms wide, jumping up and down. The man climbs out of the boat and they embrace. His friend, stepping onto the dock after him, looks on, a disgusted expression on his face. Clara's man introduces her to his friend - "This is Ralph Prescot from New York. He's a divorce lawyer, so he's met all the best people." Clara, beaming, shakes his hand. Two men lug heavy packages onto the river bank. Clara's man goes to help them and she eyes Ralph, beckoning him to walk with her. She chats excitedly, skipping along with her hands in her dress pockets. She leads him to her house. He gives her his hat and she puts it carefully on the back of a chair, eyeing him as his back is turned and preening her hair. She saunters over, looking him up and down, saying "It's nice to see somebody from New York. I'm city bred myself - I'm from Minneapolis, Ralph." She grins at him. He looks her up and down slowly. She makes her mouth into an O and says "You don't mind my calling you Ralph, do you?" She smiles at him, raising her eyebrows. He smiles back. She takes his hand and says up to him "You can call me Alverna" Her man walks into the cottage, carrying parcels. She sets one down on the table and opens it to reveal a huge box of chocolates. She takes one jumping up and down and stuffs it in her boyfriends mouth, he smiles at her as she hangs from his neck, kissing him.

She does the same to Ralph, then runs back and jumps on her boyfriends knee saying through a mouthful of chocolate - "We'll give a big party for Ralph tonight - something to remind him of home." The man says "I was aimin' to have a ree-spectable party - the McGavitys and the Reverend Angus Dillon." The room is filled with old people standing talking. A woman in black hobbles along. Clara snatches up her hat and balances it on her head and wraps her coat around her, shoving her out the door. As the door closes she jumps for joy and rushes to the record player. She jumps and shimmies charleston style to the music and throws herself into her boyfriends arms. Close up of their feet moving together, fades into the spinning record.

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