Film: 2506

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Introductory Intertitle: "All is peaceful on the Ranch"
Opening shot on an house interior. Clothes style of hair and moustache indicate circa 1920s/1930s. We see old man sitting, younger woman and young boy in dungarees. Young boy leaves room and spits on woman as he does so. Young woman (Alice, daughter of Jeff Walton) meets Chuck Williams. Chuck wears white Ten Gallon Hat (denoting the good character), cravat and waistcoat. Cut to angry faced Jack Dalton putting on (black) hat with two of his cronies. Jack and Chuck confront each other. Two of Jack's cronies look on laughing. Good medium shot of horses. Chuck confronts Jack who is holding onto Alice. Jack punches Chuck. Fight ensues. Cut to the two cronies. Jack loses fight but the cronies (accomplices) intervene and hold Chuck's arms as Jack punches him. Cut to Jeff Walton at writing desk. Fight is broken up and Jack falsely accuses Chuck. Chuck remonstrates but is fired by Jeff. Dalton and cronies break into Jeff's writing desk and steal the payroll. As they are doing so Chuck discovers them and their crime and produces a gun. Chuck is overwhelmed by the three men. Alice gets on black horse and leaves for the schoolhouse where she works as teacher. Cut to Chuck as the fight continues. Jack Dalton gets hold of gun. Jeff Walton walks in and sees Chuck being held up by Jack. Dalton falsely accuses Chuck again who at this point has the money in his hand. Chuck makes a getaway on horse and as he escapes looks the door behind him. Good close up of him surreptitiously unlocking the door prior to his escape. Jack Dalton Jeff and cronies escape from the room and give chase to Chuck on horse who has made his getaway on horse. Chuck makes his getaway down through a canyon and through a valley. A young boy (Alice's young brother Tommy) follows on a pony. His jealousy for his sister has been clearly foregrounded in the opening scene as is developed further here. Chuck attempts to vindicate himself and goes to see Alice at the schoolhouse. Meanwhile Tommy takes Chuck's white horse and tries to alert the posse. Jack Dalton and the cronies arrive at the schoolhouse as Chuck and Alice embrace. Jack picks on Chuck again. Jack gets Alice to tie Chuck's hands. The young boy reaches the posse and alerts them. Good close up on Chuck. John pursues Alice through a door and locks it. Chuck attempts to extricate himself from the rope and succeeds just as Jack manages to confront Alice. Chuck uses the rope to lasso Jack and pulls the rope so he is suspended from the door. This traps Alice on the room but Jack is unable to reach here. The cronies reappear. Another fight ensues. The young boy and the posse arrive on horseback and dismount. They go into schoolhouse. Alice escapes from the room and Chuck again ties up Jack as he tries to escape. Intertitle "The Villains are Captured". Alice and Chuck embrace, while Tommy provides some comic relief by squashing his nose up against a window.

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