Film: 2508

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Close up of ring made from a hair-pin being placed on a woman's hand. Alice and Lewis, dressed in 1920's apparel enter room. We see Alice's father, smoking a cigar. Lewis states he wants to marry Alice. Her father reacts by taking his straw hat off and putting his arm through it. Alice and Lewis leave quickly. A pile of straw hats with the centre missing lies on the floor and in a wastepaper basket or paper bin. Alice and Lewis send her father a note telling him they have eloped. Her father proceeds to remove the centre of two more straw hats with his fist. Good close up of father's servant using the phone. The father now completely enraged, rips the whole phone off the wall. A chase now ensues between Alice's father and his servant who attempts to catch Alice, Lewis and his cousin who are proceeding at a leisurely pace. Alice and Lewis become aware that they are being chased. Alice's father is stopped by two motorcycle cops. Meanwhile Lewis's cousin tries to drag a Justice of the Peace into their car. They drive off. After a series of near misses, the Justice of the Peace is forced to marry Alice and Lewis. The car travels over a bump and while doing so the Justice of the Peace is thrown out of the back of the car. Alice's father arrives in his car, and the Justice of the Peace joins him in the chase. A rope attached to the Justice of the Peace gets caught in a wheel and the Justice is catapulted onto the road. The father stops at a service station and makes a telephone call. A sheriff who appears in the story stops the Justice of the Peace and Alice's father. Ironically the father has just been talking to the very same policeman on the telephone giving him instructions to stop the first car which comes his way. As this is happening, Alice and Lewis appear and ask the way to Honolulu. Meanwhile the steering wheel has come off their car and after some erratic driving they enter a tent which collapses. The car now teeters on the edge of cliffs (possibly Santa Monica) or Malibu. The cousin gets caught on a branch high above the freeway while Lewis tries to rescue him. Alice pulls Lewis back from the brink, hugs and kisses him.

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