Film: 2519

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Hank Mann in a comedy film from the 1920s.
Intertitle - "The hive of industry known as a district messenger's office". Telegraph office, a man with a long grey beard sits on a bench. Camera moves left, a man in overalls is painting the walls, a man with a visor sits at a typewriter eating. Intertitle - "Among others, there worked there a student of literature, the highbrow - Hank Mann". A messenger (Hank Mann) with a cap and checked shirt sits below a "no smoking" sign reading a book which obscures his face. Next to him is the typist who is scoffing away. He taps at the Hank's book and indicates the "no smoking" sign. As he brings the book down we see his face and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He has dark hair, a long nose and a big thick moustache. He makes a knowing look towards the camera, rolls his eyes and sticks a piece of paper over the "no" part of the sign. He returns to his book and the typist continues typing. He slyly reaches over and takes one of the typist's doughnuts. He starts to eat and hiding the remains under his book. The typist looks down and does a double take at his doughnuts but continues typing. He takes a drink of milk from a bottle. Coughing from the doughnut Hank reaches over drumming his fingers on the table and reaching for the milk. The typist sees what he is up to and swaps the milk bottle for the ink bottle. Hank takes a drink and quickly spits it out. He picks up a sponge to wipe his mouth and then throws it across the room. It hits the bearded man in the face leaving a ink mark on his face. The typist sits laughing. The man with the beard tries to wipe it off and Hank goes over to try and help him. He removes some ink from the man's face and it flies and lands on the typist's face. The bearded man pushes Hank away and he stumbles back on a chair. He sits on a sharp object and leaps up again with the pain. He sits next to the bearded man and convinces him to shake his hand.
Intertitle - "The modest modiste had a very immodest husband". A fashion house, a large woman in a gown with her hands on her hips stands arguing with a large man with a moustache and bowler hat. In the background are two large staircases with several women dressed in various outfits walking up and down them. In the telegraph office the old bearded man eats a sandwich while Hank looks hungrily on. He picks up a stick and prods the old man in the stomach when he isn't looking. The old man looks inside his sandwich but carries on eating. Hank prods him again and the old man gives up his sandwich thinking it is having a strange effect on him. In the fashion house and the large man storms away from the woman. In the telegraph office Hank attaches open wires to the old man's sandwich box and when he touches it he gets a shock and kicks about comically. In the reception the bowler hat man writes a message on the desk. An attractive blonde receptionist waits behind the desk. Intertitle - "A really shocking state of affairs!". The old man is still jerking about while Hank eats his sandwich. He gestures over for the power to be switched off. A hand pulls a lever down and the bearded man is freed. The lever is pulled down again and Hank puts his hands on the box and gets a shock. He falls off his chair and the bearded man laughs. The lever is pulled up and the typist laughs at his desk. Hank and the bearded man make fists at each other. The receptionist takes the message from the man and he waits fiddling with a pencil. In the telegraph office Hank and the bearded man jump up. They both run into an open hatch and Hank makes it first. The receptionist gives the note to Hank and he kisses her hand and lips. She returns to the desk and leans over and smiles. The bowler hat man runs the pencil up and down the receptionist's neck and she batters her eyelids. Hank comes to the front of the desk and pulls the receptionist aside for a word. The bowler hat man pushes him aside and he retaliates by pulling the carpet he is standing on and he falls over. He runs back into the office and another messenger walks to the reception desk. When the bowler hat man gets up and sees the back of the messenger he pulls the carpet from under him assuming that he is Hank. He drags him up and goes to punch him until he realises that he isn't the offending messenger. He sees Hank poking his head out of the office and goes after him. The three men run around a table after each other in a comic fashion. The concerned receptionist looks on through the hatch. The bowler hat man and the second messenger join together to corner Hank and he hands them the open wires and they start jerking from the shock. The receptionist comes through the hatch and pulls the lever to stop the power. The two men slump on to the chairs. The receptionist goes to see if they are okay and Hank dashes out of the office. The men follow in pursuit and the Hank pulls the carpet again making them both fall over. He picks up his book, leaves the building and takes a cigarette from another messenger leaning against the door. The receptionist rushes out to hug the bowler hat man. Still reading Hank walks quickly though the streets passing cars and people. In the reception the bowler hat man straightens himself out and the receptionist puts on her hat. Intertitle - "Come along! I'll take you out to lunch!" They link arms and leave. The large woman from the fashion house leaves a shop. A man follows her weighed down with boxes. She gives instructions to Hank. He picks up the boxes and walks off. The bowler hat man and the receptionist leave the place they have had lunch. Intertitle - "Now you can linger a little longer in my lingerie shop!". The fashion house and a woman sits on a chair with a model in front of her. A man is measuring and pinning clothes onto the model. Bowler hat man and the receptionist are outside the fashion house talking. Hank is careering through the streets with all the boxes and the book still in front of his face. Bowler hat man and the receptionist enter the fashion house where all the models are. He holds up dresses in front of her. Hank walks along a street and stops to sit on the back of a car to continue reading. The car begins to move. At the fashion house the receptionist tries on dresses behind a curtain. The car is moving along the road with Hank sat on the back reading. The car stops and he jumps off weaving in and out of the cars. The bowler hat man enters the curtain where the receptionist is getting changed. Hank arrives at the fashion house with all the parcels. Inside models are on a rotating floor showing clothes to prospective buyers. Hank enters and bashes two of the watching women. A woman gets up and pushes the him over into the middle of the floor show. The receptionist is sat in her new lingerie and the bowler hat man looks on. The measuring man chases Hank around the models. He sits down next to the watching women absentmindedly playing with a thread. Close-up of the thread he is playing with unravelling the woman's skirt. When she stands up her skirt falls to the floor and she is horrified. She runs off to hide behind a curtain and the other woman pushes him into the chair. He chases after them with a rug but she pushes him over the stairs. He runs upstairs and dips his hands in a fishbowl knocking it over the woman who hit him and the measuring man. She disappears through the curtain after her friend. Hank comes down the stairs and sees a leg poking out of the curtain. The bowler hat man's wife returns to the fashion house and sees the leg. Intertitle - "The wife thought her husband was going to extremes". She begins pulling on it and reveals her husband and the receptionist. A comic chase ensues with everyone involved. People slip and slide on the rotating floor, the receptionist gets the police and Hank breaks pots over their heads. He goes up the stairs to where the receptionist has run and kisses her behind his book.


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