Film: 2529

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Western. (Set in 1889 Oklahoma land grab). Mounted United States cavalry soldier looks at fob watch / pocket watch. Field gun in silhouette. Cowboy on horse under tree pulls out watch but doesn't look at it. Woman in buggy waved off. Close up of pocket watch - 11.59. Officer drops arm as signal to bugler. People in wagons jockey for position at the wire. Soldier drops arm and field gun is fired - horse bolts. A lot of wagons and horses ride into territory. Race. Close ups of man behind fence. Women drive buggies. Close ups of children and dog. One man on penny farthing bicycle. Man in corral / prison cuts wooden fence. He is rushed by other men. Uses pole to pole vault out of the corral. Mounts horse and rides off. Soldiers shoot after him. Horses ride over camera in the ground. Man rides quickly past groups of people stopped in the wilderness. He whips the horse's sides. Prevents horse and cart driven by woman with children in back from plunging into ravine. Wagon unhitched from horses plunges downhill - man jumps clear. Penny farthing cyclist falls off bike. Man overtakes lots of other riders and wagons. Rides over camera. Vaults crashed wagon in dry river bed. Man swaps horses. People stake claim. Arrives at ranch with horse tethered outside, apparently sweating - man tastes horse sweat - "soapsuds". He gets his guns out. Puts guns in holsters on his saddle. Chases off cheat and ties handkerchief to stick to stake his claim.

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