Film: 2535

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Robin Hood - 1922 version with Wallace Beery

"In the Days of Chivalry" The drawbridge of the castle is slowly lowered to reveal a double line of pages carrying trumpets with surcoats and Louise brooks hair cuts, followed by a double line of pikesman soldiers carrying oval shields and wearing helmets with nose pieces, the fool or jester follows with King Richard and retinue behind. Just outside the castle gate, we see the full of fashionable ladies and crowds rise up to watch the parade including the jester who dances along. The high walls of the castle with the crowds below, the mounted cavalry emerge from the gate of the castle. The king, with lots of small children holding his long cloak walks up the steps of the podium and takes his throne on the dais. A knight holds out a dish to King John who takes a large joint of meat and bits a big bite of the whole leg of lamb.
" King Richard I and his brother John" King Richard is enthusiastically taking bits and chewing his leg of meat, while John sits next to him but lower and looks very grumpy. A knight emerges from a tent, his face covered with a helmet and large white plume, his hands on his hips, he seems puzzled. He removes the helmet and polishes it with his sleeve, he is the comedy page. His master mounts his horse and adjusts his chain mail. Two pages trumpet a call. White knight parts at speed, his horse rears a few times in excitement and dashes away with his lance. He arrives between the pages. There is to be a jousting competition. A black knight mounts and ties himself onto his horse. Whites Knight's horse keeps rearing impatiently. The knights are in the lists. The pages trumpet again. The knights prepare. Black knight arrives. King John watches. Black Knight charges with lance. He arrives in front of the king. White puts on his helmet. Black sits on his horse adjusting the bridle of his horse as another rider circles him. Black puts on his helmet. They salute the king. He raises his meat bone back. A long line of pages with trumpets raised sound .

Intercut fast, as black knight then white knight charges towards each other in the jousting competition, behind them is a long line of the foot soldier holding oval shields. The knights clash. Both have lost their lances, two pages run in and pick up the lances to give back to the knights. The foot soldiers discuss the action. The knight receive their lances back. Another clash as the knights charge at each other and the black knight goes down.

"Honours to the Victor" The white knight walks up the podium and knells before a beautiful woman with long hair. She places a coronet of laurel leaves on his head.

"On the eve of the third Crusade" a busy hall with knights pages at long trestle tables. The king on the dais. A pair of great Dane dogs. A page places food before the king and bows walking backwards. The king sticks his knife into a huge roasted meat, picks up a piece and shows it to the great Danes. They are chained so can't get near. He flings the meat over to them and one of them goggles it up. The king laughs.
Black and White knight outside the castle. White rides into the castle and receives the colours of the lady who waits for him, she wraps her scarf around him, he kisses her hand and rides off. Huge numbers of horse parade by ( the number of extras !!) Foot soldiers carrying flags lances. The ladies waves handkerchiefs from the battlements as the troops leave. In a great hall, noblemen bow and leave John standing in the hall. As no one is around he mounts the dais and tries out eh crown on his own head, he sits on the throne, tries out a few regal poses and picks up a shield, it reflects back his image he adjusts the crown.

"A camp in France" a tented camp with wagon carts and many knights. White knight cheers the troops on. He dismounts and talks to a distressed knight lying on the ground. A knight sends up a messenger pigeon but it gets attacked by an eagle. And drops to the ground.
"England under John" soldiers enter a poor house and take the furniture, they rough up the family while they are about it. The townspeople get their belongings removed, these are taxes, a line of sad looking people file past soldiers, one carries a dog. A nobleman is arrested and marched to a dungeon.

Outlaws in the forest, a camp amongst the trees. Some poor people approach and beg for assistance form the outlaws who carry bows and arrows.

Tournament, knights jousting, Lady presents prizes, medieval feast, crusaders in France, Tyranny of King John.

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