Film: 2557

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Comedy of hen-pecked husband Clyde Cook, doing shopping, washing, painting bedroom floor, he joins army.
Hen-pecked husband out doors shopping with wife. He carries lots of boxes piled high in front of him so he cannot see. Wife removes one box to reveal man's face in close-up. As wife looks at stalls outside ships husband follows with all boxes piled up. He cannot see where he is going and overshoots. Camera tracks with married couple as they move along pavement. Wife stops outside door saying "packing department". Workman stands on lift in pavement which descends. Wife enters ship's padding department. Husband stands on trap-door lift. He stubs his toe. He sits on box on the lift. Gags as lift and box repeatedly appear and disappear as man tries to sit on box. Clyde Cook eventually falls down hole. Man reappears next to wife and tests lift with his foot gingerly.
Two men and two women riding horses in the park. One of women is the wife. Meanwhile husband is at home doing the laundry. Using a washboard he washes long Johns. He pours boiling water into tub from kettle. The water is now too hot. When he dries long Johns they have shrunk. He shrugs his shoulders. Wife in her riding clothes returns to front door. Wife is domineering and orders husband to iron clothes and then to paint bedroom floor.
'Two hours later'. Clyde is painting the floor. He has started round the edges and worked to a small square in the middle of the floor. To paint the last square the man swings upside down from the chandelier.
Outside passing woman stops her pram and blocks it with a stone. She lifts the baby out of the pram. Clyde, still swinging, falls and brings the chandelier and plaster down onto the newly painted floor. Downstairs, his wife hears the noise, and puts down her book and cigarette. As she rushes through the door of the bedroom, Clyde jumps out of the window into the waiting pram which careers off down the pavement. He narrowly avoids being hit by a car on the road before falling out of the pram outside the U.S.A. Marine recruiting office. Marine suggests he join. In the army, Clyde in uniform drills with other soldiers. He does not understand and makes himself unpopular with the big sergeant. He tries to sneak off, but is called back into line. Company shoulder arms and drill with guns, Clyde gets it wrong. He keeps turning left when company are turning right. He soon starts moving his feet quickly, and almost dances. Sergeant hits him and tells him to get back into line. Clyde gives up, throws his gun down and sits on the steps of the barrack hut, fanning himself with his hat. He tells sergeant, "When you find out what you want, I'll do it". Sergeant tells four solders to march off with him. Clyde is one of the four, but stays behind to shake hand of another solder. Clyde is late joining the other three solders. Funny gag where Clyde walks wrong way round in a circle to other troops: "I took a short cut". The four solders rejoin the other four solders. They mark line, but Clyde marks line too quickly. A look at Clyde from the sergeant stops him. Clyde alone is ordered to march and drill. When he has finished he offers his hand to the sergeant.
Another sergeant requires a guard for guard duty. Clyde is selected. He takes two attempts to march out of line properly and repeats himself. Clyde marches up and down outside the guard house where surly soldier walks inside. Each time Clyde walks past door, it slides and a prisoner escapes from the guard house. One man crawls out and Clyde falls over him. Man runs off, Clyde gets up and shadow boxes. Clyde hits next man out of guard house over the head with the butt of his rifle, but it is the sergeant. Sergeant chases Clyde along dock side, Clyde ducks and sergeant falls into dock.

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