Film: 2562

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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French news.
Memorial service at the Arc De Triomphe.
A rememberance service for La Grand Guerre, the First World war, 35 years after the end of the war so presumably 1953. Massed ranks of flag carrying French soldiers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier. Clemenceau lays large wreath on the tomb. Parade around the square.
Explosion. Demolished and destroyed and smoking buildings. Huge great crater and a few shell cases. Munitions factory. Fort Foch, 17th November 1953 Niederhausbergen.
Vietnamese army. Firing a few shells.
School in Morocco. The students at the door of the school. Children running, school building programme. Boys at their desk look perplexed as the teacher in a traditonal robe with a large stick points at things on a board. The words on the board are in Arabic.
Tunisia. Heads of state greet each other. They walk though a walled medina city, maybe Tunis. The bystanders clap. Lines of children clap, Tractors, then mules, then a camel ploughing. Aerial view of olive groves. Olive harvest, pickers sift the olives on the ground, The souq in Tunis. And the modern city of Tunis with boulevard and cafes. Hat making or milliners. Puppet show.

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