Film: 2574

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Continuing story. Reels 1 - 5 may be found in 17255, 2545, 32985, 2574 and 17266.
Boy steals another's clothes when he goes swimming. He goes to a girl's birthday party and is kissed by two girls.
Boy who has run away and is dressed in smart velvet suit with a velvet hat approaches Billy who sits outdoors with his dog. The boys talk.
Smartly dressed children run around big room of a house - a child's party. Billy has an idea. He speaks. Other boy looks excited and immediately starts to undo the bow round his shirt collar. Billy undresses to his underclothes. On a beach a man and a woman sit in chairs talking to one another. Behind them are several young women wearing bathing costumes. At pool side the other boy strips naked and jumps into water. Billy now puts on a shirt. Bathing beauties approach the seated couple and talk to them. Billy fully dressed in the clothes of the other boy. Billy has tricked the other boy in order the take his clothes. Boy swimming in water. Billy picks up shoes, collects dog and runs off - now wearing the smart clothes of the other boy. Swimming boy realises Billy has disappeared - he calls to him and looks perplexed. He swims, stands and calls. He looks cold and shivers - he shots. His mother and man on beach plus the young women hear something off screen. The woman and man leave and the girls collect their towels before skipping off. Boy rubs his arm - he is cold and in distress. Party approach along beach. Boy in water gesticulates with his arms wide and points off camera. The young women are amused.
Billy runs past hedge near a driveway. He orders his dog to wait. Dog stays holding a bundle of clothes. Billy runs up to group of girls in garden. Close up of his smiling girlfriend aged about ten. She waves at Billy. Two girls tak secretively to each other. One indicates to other she should go and hide. Billy is egged on by large group of girls and a few boys to go into the house. Billy is led by hand indoors. Girl and billy stand by a screen. Billy's girlfriend sticks her head out from behind screen. Billy is told to go behind screen. Girl spies through crack in screen. Billy re-emerges wiping his lips having (presumably) kissed his girlfriend. Valentine. He looks pleased with himself. Other girl laughs at him. Girlfriend emerges from behind screen looking happy. Billy is coy, girlfriend drops her handkerchief deliberately on the floor. She calls to her boyfriend. She looks at the hankie on the ground. Billy approaches and bends to pick up the handkerchief. A look of shock on his face as he stops half-way - he has presumably split his trousers. He looks at the seat of his pants and ducks behind the screen. He emerges, sidles up to the girl and gingerly picks up the hankie with his foot. He hands it to girl. He sidles off and she follows. Girl's friend escorts a third girl into room, who looks very coy. Boy is told to kiss the girl. He shakes his head and friend petulantly stamps her foot. Third girl is shown behind screen whilst his girlfriend rather miserably stands to the side. Girlfriend challenges boyfriend who shakes his head in denial. Both smile. Both stand and coyly rub their feet on the floor, shyly. Other girl rushes from behind screen, grabs billy by the arms. She kisses him. She kisses him again more violently, in a move resembling a ead butt. He resists, she stamps her foot and leaves. Billy furiously wipes his mouth. In garden, one of girls tells man where billy is and taking him by the hand, takes him inside. Billy runs followed by girlfriend. Man enters room, is pointed to behind screen and reaching round grabs a boy who he repeatedly spanks on the backside. A good thrashing. Boy is released and girl makes explanation. Billy exits to outside. He runs across lawn to waiting dog, grabs bundle of clothes from the dog and hops over wall followed by dog. Billy proceeds to change his clothes. An animated discussion by adults in the garden, surounded by children. Boy in water screaming. Adults leave and children close around them. Dog is despatched with a bundle of clothes. Billy watches dog run away from a safe distance, hidden behind a hedge. People making their way up garden steps. Dog runs down steps with bundle which man spots. Man turns and follows dog. Clothes are dropped by dog at the feet of the judge. Girlfriend of Billy stands with her father. Man walks up and sees bundle of clothes, which he picks up. Billy sees dog returning. He and dog run off.
A man, a doctor, tending to Billy's sick mother as she lies in bed. He puts stethoscope into his Gladstone bag as he stands. Benson and Howe are talking. Doctor appears, Howe leaves. Doctor and Benson talk. Benson sadly nods his thanks and understanding. Billy and dog clamber over garden fence and run into garden. Billy sends dog away. Billy runs into house. He recognises the man as the doctor and takes off his flat hat. He sees the Gladstone doctor's bag and asks his father a question. A nodded reply and Billy runs upstairs. In bedroom, Billy bows his head and approaches his mother's bed. She lifts her hand. He kneels. He bursts into tears and buries his head in her chest. She comforts him. Husband enters and he moves closer. He also buries his head and she pats his hair.
Father washing up at sink, boy drying dishes. Father yawns and then billy yawns too. As father leaves room, Billy rubs his eyes. Father, who wears an apron, and Billy approach table on which lies an open book. Still picture of Abraham Lincoln cutting wood or railway sleeper. Benson points at book and nods. Boy and father have brief talk. Boy takes book and sits at table reading it. A big lamp is on the table. Billy rests his head on his arms over the book. Billy wakes and cries out. He gets up and takes his jacket from the back of a chair as his mother's photograph falls from the wall. He runs out of the home, stops in the porch to put his hat on.
Two men sit in a room talking. One has a cigarette in his hand. Benson at home experimenting. He lights match and lights some material on table top - the fire extinguisher he has invented puts the fire out - success. Benson is delighted - he clenches his fist in triumph and looks delighted. Benson gets up and takes jacket from back of chair. In a hospital, a nurse and a doctor are talking. She takes notes on a clipboard. Billy tries to runn past them, but doctor catches the boy. Billy escapes. Billy slides down bannister rail by side of staircase. He is pursued by feet of man. Billy kneels by side of woman's bed. Doctor closes door on them. Boy and his mother together - he talks. She has her arm around him. Benson at police station. Seated police officer. Plain clothes detective shakes Benson by the shoulder. Benson is led away.

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