Film: 2580

Animation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


A waiter's dream created by early animation.
Film - in a 'quiet little restaurant' men sit round a table playing cards as a waiter places a bottle on their table. The waiter stretches, yawns and sits on chair. He yawns again and stretches, settling down to sleep. Fade to white:
animated drawings of a waiter and two angelic women playing violins appear. The waiter's head nods (rudimentary animation). The violin players disappear and the waiter begins to float. He is turned upside down and is bounced on his head. The animator's hand appears and pushes the waiter's head down so his entire body bends. He turns and sits down; a coin appears; he strains to reach it but cannot and it is withdrawn; a barrel appears from the bottom of the screen and a monster peers out at the waiter; he tries to hide in his shirt collar but the monster removes his head. The monster disappears and the outlines of containers that hold alcohol begin to appear from the top of the barrel. A couple hit him on the head. The waiter become a black ball; it goes into the barrel; a black tube appears from the hole in the barrel's side. The now sitting waiter is watching a white circle with black lines in it. They form the word 'Vin', then 'Vino', then 'Wein', then a simple drawing of a bunch of grapes, a large head with eyes boggling, a lighthouse, a bottle of champagne, the word 'alcool', a ghoul's face whose eyes and mouth float off, a bat, a head that burns, the word 'Absinthe', a snake, a ghoul's face. The waiter's legs are then extended to the point where he is able to kick his own backside.
'Sweet Awakening' - a drawing of wine being poured over the sleeping waiter by four Grecian women.
Cartoon animation ends - cut to 'reality' in which the sleeping waiter is being sprayed with soda water from soda syphons by the card players.

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