Film: 2591

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Mute | B/W


A view of the future from the 1930s, predictions.
Inside of house, actually looks like 1930s modernism but is supposed to be 1955. Two women enter and two men in shiny clothing. Discussion at dinner table. Women's dresses look plastic. One man turns on the television on a wall which is showing cricket (this does look amazingly like 21st century large wall mounted flat screen televisions). He changes channel and they watch a programme with a man talking. TV is now showing dancing girls. Man dressed as a cavalier now enters the room (!?) Camera pulls back to reveal a film crew - we have been watching a film being made in a studio. Cavalier then talks to the film director. Director puts on his coat and leaves. The actors walk towards the make up to remove their make up. They chat. One actor then addresses the audience and holds up a book 'Plenty Of Time TO Play'.

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