Film: 260

Adverts | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Good funny advert but also about manners for young girls in the 1930's.
Woman, Mrs Feather, lies on a chaise longue and speaks on the telephone. She is rich in feathers, silks and speaks very posh and little-girly. The shopkeeper on the other end stands by the cash register and raises his eyes to heaven. He is waiting to take her order. She talks at length to the shopkeeper about her niece and what a nice girl she is. She polishes her nails as she rambles on down the phone. We see the niece at her dressing table, applying lipstick with her finger. She then applies mascara with a brush. Mrs feather says she is a natural beauty and never wears make-up.
The niece is then seen throwing books and magazines around in a playful fight with other girls in a smart 1930's living room. Mrs Feather describes her niece as a quiet English rose. Then her girlfriend gives her the bumps. The niece then tap-dances on the table as they all dance to a gramophone. Mrs Feather says her niece always has her photo by her bed. We see the niece draw a beard and glasses on the photograph.
"Young men don't exist for her yet" says Mrs Feather. The niece runs over to a mantelpiece full of photographs of men in uniform.
"The girl has such delightful manners."
We see the niece kick her girlfriends out he door.
The shopkeeper yawns as the story goes on and on. Mrs Feather says her niece wears plenty of thick woollies and, as the shopkeeper is a married man, Mrs feather can talk frankly about such things. We see the niece going through her frilly lingerie drawer. The niece now talks as she washes her underwear in a sink. Mrs Feather doesn't know much about her, she says, but she is right about her washing powder. We finally get to the point! An advert for Crystella Flakes washing powder. Mrs Feather finally orders from the long-suffering shopkeeper "Crystella Flakes". She hangs up but no, she rings the co-operative store again. She orders a second packet for herself.
Packet on the screen "C.W.S. Crystella Soap Flakes"
"Obtainable only from Co-operative Stores only"

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