Film: 2600

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Early cinema mini-feature with Rin Tin Tin. Quite amusing and ironic commentary - characters themselves don't speak.

Intertitle: Bringing back to the screens of the world, one of the most popular, virile and handsome stars in all motion picture history...the original... the one and only... Cut to close up of Rin Tin Tin. Long shot of Colorado Dam. Rin Tin Tin scampers over some rocks and down a small cliff face. Cut to supervisor of dam building, "Fair and Square" Dan (Played by Jason Robards?) He wears a battered hat and britches. He pats Rin Tin Tin who rolls over. Construction train moving towards camera.

Woman (Marcella) in new hat looks out of cab window. She is Dan's girlfriend. Rin Tin Tin looks out of opposite window. Train stops and girl disembarks. Girl and Dan hug. Rin Tin Tin sees Nanuk, "the Marilyn Monroe of the kennel". Nanuk waves her paws. Nanuk slips her leash and Rin Tin Tin chases her through the town, past three men who are unloading a van. Rin Tin Tin jumps over one of the men and knocks him over. Rin Tin Tin and Nanuk run across a desert (long shot).

In town the mean and crooked foreman and his gang corner Dan. The foreman, Mean Mike, points a gun at Dan's stomach. The gang hold his arms. The posse drag Dan over to the train tracks and throw him in a disused workshop. Cut to long shot of Rin Tin Tin running over the dam wall. Mean Mike holds Nanuk on a leash - he is trying to track Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin tin walks across a riveted metal beam towards camera. Mean Mike sees RTT on the cliff top. Mean Mike shoots at RTT. RTT holds up his paw which has been injured. RTT struggles tot escape (good doggy acting) RTT tries to bite through a screen door of a house. Marcella comes to the door. Mean Mike and the baddies march towards the house. Marcella conceals RTT in the bottom of (an unusually large) grandfather clock. Mean Mike, posse and Nanuk enter house. Nanuk sniffs out Rin Tin Tin. Mean Mike shoots at the clock five times. He opens the clock - Rin Tin Tin is gone!

Rin Tin Tin in the attic. Confrontation between Marcella and Mike. Rin Tin Tin watches from attic through a knothole. Alas, spots of blood from his wounded paw drip through the hole and on to Mean Mike's hand. Cut to Rin Tin Tin with his eye at the knothole. Mean Mike finds a trapdoor at the back of the clock. Mean Mike emerges in the attic. Close up of the barrel of his gun. Rin Tin Tin backs away along a beam. Mean Mike shoots but the gun is empty. Rin Tin Tin escapes out of a window. Mean Mike attacks Marcella. Rin Tin Tin finds the shed where Dan is being held and chews off the lock. Mean Mike throws condiments in Marcella's face, temporarily blinding her. She clutches her head in despair. Her point of view of blurred Mean Mike. Mean Mike struggles with Marcella in her bedroom. He sees the engine racing past outside the window.

Mean Mike runs outside. He calls his henchman to open the floodgates. Mean Mike played by Tom ? A Nickelodeon veteran. He goes to machine room and pulls levers which open the floodgates. Mean Mike's henchman triggers dynamite. Floodgates explode. Rin Tin Tin finally frees Dan. Mean Mike and Dan struggle in the control room. Marcella leaves her cottage (still blind). Water spurts from the exploded floodgates. Houses are washed away by the flood. Marcella stumbles to the water's edge and is knocked out by a loose beam. She hangs perilously over the water. Dan and Mean Mike fight. Henchman fixes thick chains around Nanuk. Rin Tin Tin is in a quandary. Nanuk is thrown in the river (that really happened - that's so horrible). Rin Tin Tin sacrifices Nanuk and runs to cable house. Cable slips, lowering Marcella further towards water. Rin Tin Tin flips switches with his teeth. Large cogs turn. Water under Marcella subsides and she jumps to safety. Dan runs towards Marcella. Marcella hugs Rin Tin Tin. Marcella hugs Dan. Rin Tin Tin looks sad. But! Nanuk emerges over rock from the water. Rin Tin Tin greets her.
Intertitle: Woof woof.

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