Film: 2607

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A criminal is captured on a ship crossing the Atlantic, when the police send a wireless message to the crew, using the new Marconi radio. By complete coincidence, this is also how the wife-murderer Dr Crippen was captured in 1910.

The voice-over tells us we are in the modest house of Paddy O'McGrogety, deep in the heart of Ireland. We see the inside a small wooden house with a table and chair on the left, and a woman, Macushla, who tends to her young daughter. The villain of the piece enters through the door, an evil rent collector named Silvertongue O'McKelley. He bows to Macushla, who in turn stands and curtsies. He sits on the edge of the table, takes off his hat, and invites Macushla to sit on the chair. We are told that he is smooth-talking Macushla, and he puts his arm around her shoulders. Her husband Paddy bursts in, and talks to Macushla. The voice says at Silvertongue tried to collect Macushla's rent "with interest", so Paddy turns to Silvertongue and they fight. Paddy quickly knocks Silvertongue to the floor, and goes to hit him again but Macushla holds him back. Silvertongue gets up, and Paddy points to the door. Silvertongue picks his hat off the table, stands in the doorway and shakes his cane at Paddy, who comes forward until Silvertongue backs out of the door and walks away.

Intertitle - LATER

In Paddy's house, he sits by the table with his daughter, while Macushla sits on the right. Silvertongue returns with two policemen, one of whom hands Paddy a warrant for his arrest. Paddy throws it to the floor, the police try and grab him, but he knocks all three of them to the floor and runs out of the door. They chase after him.

In the lavishly decorated study of Mr McAnthony, Macushla is crying, while the very well-dressed Mr McAnthony comforts her. McAnthony's servant brings Silvertongue into the room, and all present talk to one another. The voice-over tells us that Silvertongue is being sacked, and McAnthony hands him a piece of paper as proof of this. Silvertongue walks out. Macushla starts crying again, so McAnthony calls the servant back in, who gently escorts Macushla out.

Intertitle - THAT NIGHT

A new scene, again in McAnthony's study, where Silvertongue can be seen in the corner of the room, crouching in front of McAnthony's safe. Silvertongue backs away and hides behind the table. Smoke rises from the safe, and there is a really impressive explosion. He takes money out of the safe, puts it in a bag and goes to run out of the door. But before he can leave, he runs back and hides, crouching to the right of the table. McAnthony comes back in and waves his arms around in shock. Silvertongue stands up, knocks McAnthony out and makes his escapes.

On a ship, a sailor stands behind a desk. He begins to operate an original marconi wireless radio, and transcribes the message onto paper. The message says
that a wanted man is on the ship. Macushla and her children enter, and her son picks up the wireless message which has fallen to the floor. Macushla takes
the paper off the child and is shocked at what she reads. A disguised Silvertongue walks up to the desk, but Macushla recognises him. Silvertongue casually
walks away, but Macushla is already informing the sailor about the deception.

In an office inside a New York police station, a senior officer sits at a large desk in the middle of the room, while a younger officer stands to the right. Another officer enters through a door, and hands the chief a piece of paper, which the voice-over tells us is the radio message from the ship. The chief writes something down, and hands it to the officer on the right, who then leaves through another door. He returns straight away, bringing Paddy in with him, who is now dressed in a full policeman's uniform. Paddy goes up to the desk, talks to the chief, and then he and the other officer leave.

The liner is in New York harbour, with a staircase leading out of the ship to the ground. Paddy, a sailor, and two non-uniformed policemen stand on the shore and watch several passengers disembark. Paddy greets Macushla and her children as they come down, but Silvertongue is just behind. Macushla points him out, and Silvertongue is grabbed by the two policemen, and a sailor who is leaving the ship. They pull off Silvertongue's hat and false beard, and march him away. Paddy picks up his child and hugs him. The voice-over finishes by saying: "So through the wonders of the wireless, New York recruits another policeman. But don't worry, it'll never replace television."

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