Film: 2631

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Main character, behind the stage, talks about the trial of a murder excitedly. Elegant couple in dressing room, backstage. The woman wants to be alone. Stage, performance. A couple, dancing. (very long). Backstage, woman dancers, waiting. Then the manager: 'Now! Come on, come on!'. They run on the stage. Dancers with top hat wait for their performance. In the audience. A 'bar-mixer' dance. The dancers with top hats join. Backstage. Two people look for a third one (?). The main character and the 'murderer'. The main character is frightened, but the 'murderer' assures that he wants no harm. The dance again. Audience. Dance. Two dancers walk on the top hats of the men.... More groups of dancers (step dancers, surrounded by women) (very long sequence). The women, step dancing. A woman singer, singing about that she never loved. A man joins her, more dancers, and some men start to shoot revolvers (as part of the dance). The singer alone again. She finishes her song. Curtain.

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