Film: 264

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Canada 1970's

Buses and coaches to Newfoundland , ferries connecting the island to the mainland , Prince Edward island , people typing on computers , office machinery , people on phones , floor of the stock exchange ( TSE?) . Circuit boards , close up pf wires boards and lights at a telephone exchange . Radio transmitter . Aerial view of the city, possibly Toronto. Man on sled being pulled by dogs and bleak landscape . Children swing on swing set deep holes cut into the snow. They play baseball. Snow stations. Children in a water park. Two boys play in a sandbox. Child runs in slow motion through fields, smiling. Communications structures , telephone exchange , Man arrive on truck in the snow and talks on CB radio . Children on swings in the snow . Playing rounders (or softball?). Children in a playground and in a swimming pool in sunny Canada . Small boy running through a filed in slow motion . Tall skyscraper . Place Ville Marie, Montreal bagpipes . Drummers on parade . Montreal streets , people , shopping malls , buildings. Edmonton , Saskatoon and Moncton with Metro downtown development on old railway land , Toronto industry paint mixers , Laurentide labels Television production and manufacture. Metro centre development in Toronto. Television factory. Cool, sci-fi seventies music.

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