Film: 265

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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1920s drama about money, drinking alcohol and poverty between a man and woman. Good examples of a couple having lots of arguments and rowing and domestic voilence.

A woman asks a man for the money he's earned. She stands right up to him and angrily demands his money. He gives her a pouch, but she searches his pockets anyway. He starts walking down stairs. A very strange shot of his face with the woman in the background. He turns back around and asks for a money for a car. She refuses and as he walks down the stairs she looks pleased with herself. He leaves the building onto the street. The woman is sitting looking happy with herself about having some money. A dreamlike shot of hands coming out of darkness picking up expensive looking silverware. The man walks along the street in the pouring rain and gets stopped by a rather plump fellow with a moustache. The man drags him into a bar and asks for two straight. The man motions that alcohol makes him funny in the head but the moustache man persuades him to drink, they drink from small shot glasses. The woman is frantically polishing the gold coins, and looks at the polished coins almost lovingly. The men at the bar buy more shots and drink them. The woman is still polishing coins from a large sack. The man is coming back, just his feet are shown, coming down the hallway, traipsing mud/water. The woman hears and tidies all the coins away back into the moneybag and hides the bag. The man bangs on the door violently. She opens the door, he wanders in grumpily, throws his cap away. He sits on the bed. She sidles up to him and touches his shoulder. He starts shouting at her very angrily. She tries to look innocent and scared or worried. He has a slightly crazy look to him and continues to shout at her. She keeps asking whether he got a place. He looks very angry and stands up to tower over her. She tries to look scared. He shouts 'No' into her face several times. She collapses onto the bed. Birds in a cage flapping and getting worked up. Lots more yelling. Another strange shot of the man face on, he squints while leaning forwards, from the point of view of the woman. She does a similar squint. He starts manhandling the lady. He lifts up his hand. A close up of his hand forming a fist. He brings his hand down calmly, but throws her onto the bed. He starts flailing his hands about and pushes her away from the bed. He then throws himself onto the bed face first. The birds in the birdcage flap around. The woman looks very sad sitting down, she talks to herself and brings her index finger to her mouth. The man is in the bar, looking more rugged, his friend is smoking a pipe. He comes into the house and grabs the woman, pulling her off the bed. He looks very drunk. He grabs her round the shoulders and hands. She takes some money from under the mattress. He squeezes her hands again and then she takes some money from a draw in the table. She holds her hand close to her neck and mouth while he laughs at her. He then slaps her across the face and she falls onto the bed. He opens the door and leaves the room.

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