Film: 2667

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Confusing story of marriage, fraud, and mistaken identity.
On river in countryside, man punts a lady in a punt. They stop and he is attentive to her. She smiles as he kisses her. In a room a man attends to bottles on table. Door opens and man enters, the men acknowledging each other. Second man places Gladstone bag on table and men look in bag. A necklace is show to the man. First man indicates drinks table to second man who pours himself a drink. First man runs of with bag with jewellery and necklace in it. He is a thief and has stolen the bag. A country church where man and woman wearing white walk along lane in front of church. A couple of onlookers throw confetti at the couple – they have just been married. Wedding. Couple walk off happily. Policeman approaches bystanders who point to church. Policeman runs off in direction of church. The couple walk off and call their children to follow them. On honeymoon, couple in room in house drink a toast, she seated and he standing. Man looks out of window and senses bad news. He takes the necklace from her neck. Seriously melodramatic acting of the ‘woe is me’ school. She clasping her hands to her face, and he on bended knee pleading. She appears to resolve to help and takes her new husband by the hand and runs off with him through a door. Other man and policeman enter stage left and search room. Man listens at door. Before opening door, police sergeant indicates the wine on the table. They both drink from glasses and enjoy drink. Policeman jemmies open door and runs out of room. Newly weds have swapped clothes. ‘Man’ stands up to policeman when he enters their bedroom. ‘Woman’ sneaks up on policeman and puts bag over his head. Policeman is tied up and couple leave room. Policeman is tied to bed which he drags across room.

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