Film: 2692

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster Keaton and the crying girl. He leaves. Buster on the veranda, Crane walks out of the house. Buster looks at his book:
'Rule 5: Have confidence in yourself.
'Rule 6: Follow your suspect.' ( see our film no. 005101 )
We track Crane walking down the pavement or sidewalk. Buster catches up and walks, unnoticed, about 10 inches behind him. Suddenly Crane stops, picks up a cigarette. Crane moves on, puffs three times, throws the cigarette over his shoulder. Buster catches it, puffs three times, throws it away. They both stumble a bit, Buster still 10 inches behind Crane, unnoticed. A street. A car arrives. Crane steps back, then crosses the road (This sequence is slightly incomplete here, see our reference 005101). Buster performs the same movements at the same time. A wagon on a track. Crane stops. Buster hides behind the wagon. A second wagon crashes against the first one, Buster stands in the gap. He runs after Crane. A locomotive releases steam and hits Buster. Crane walking up stairs; Buster, head down, behind him, misses the stairs and runs against a wall. He runs after Crane. In front of a wagon with an open door. Crane spots Buster; Buster wants to be inconspicuous and walks into the wagon. Crane closes the doors and locks them. The train. A worker, on a wagon, lifts the outlet of a water tank, walks away. Buster climbs out of a hatch of the next wagon, stands on top of the wagon. The train starts to move and gets faster. Keaton runs on the roofs of the wagons, then grabs for the outlet. The train is gone, and the outlet, with Buster clinging to it, goes down. A jet of water smashes him on the tracks. He gets up and steps back. A pump-trolley with two men comes along and is derailed by the jet of water. The men fall on the tracks, get up, spot Buster and chase him. He runs away. 'Somewhat crestfallen at his failure as a detective, Buster returns to his modest job as a cinema projectionist.' ( see our reference no 005101 ).
(ca. 2'20'')
( Beginning of the part that is missing in film no. 005101 )
'A projectionist's job is tedious. And the monotony makes him fall asleep.'
Buster, sitting in the projector room, tired. 'he dreams'. The cinema. A small orchestra and a piano player, the screen. On the screen the projection of a film: A gentleman putting a case with pearls into a cupboard. A young man and a girl, talking. Buster, asleep. Double exposure: While Buster 1 stays on his chair, asleep, Buster 2 gets up. He looks at the screen, excited. The screen: young man and girl. They argue. They turn their backs to the camera and dissolve into the characters we've seen before (not in this copy, however): Crane and the girl (McGuire). They turn again, to the camera. The two Busters. Buster 2 tries to wake Buster 1 and points at the screen. The screen: The girl goes upstairs, Crane follows after a while. The gentleman, in his bedroom, dressing. He dissolves into the father, puts on top hat and takes cane, leaves the room vividly. The Busters. No. 2 watches. He takes his hat that hangs on a nail in the wall. (A small part is missing here). The cinema screen. An audience in the foreground, and Buster 2, watching. The screen: Crane and girl, arguing. Buster sits. Crane tries to kiss the girl. Buster walks down to the orchestra, then climbs over the piano and jumps into the screen (that actually is a stage but looks like a screen). He wants to prevent Crane from kissing the girl. Crane throws him back into the cinema hall, Buster falls over the piano. The sleeping Buster 1, in the projector room, jerks. Buster 2, recovering from his fall. Crane tries to kiss the girl, again. Buster 2 climbs the stage in front of the screen and tries to call the audience's attention to the outrageous events on the screen. but just when he is about to jump into the screen again, the scene changes: He finds himself in front of the entrance of the house. Buster is surprised. The door opens and the father steps out. He searches his pockets, notices that something is missing, and opens the door again, annoyed. He enters the house again. Buster knocks on the door. Nobody opens it. Buster walks down the stairs, when suddenly the scene changes: A large garden with a wall in the background, Buster standing on a stool. He stumbles and falls down. He gets up, wants to sit on the stool. The scene changes: a street with big traffic. Buster Keaton falls backwards into the street, escapes a car. He makes way for a few passersby, walks helplessly to and fro.
Change of scene: in the mountains. Buster nearly loses his balance. He climbs cautiously to the edge of a precipice and looks down. Change of scene: a lion's cage. Buster among the lions, first still staring on the ground (where the precipice was just a moment before), then noticing the lions and walking away cautiously. (A few frames missing here).
Change of scene: Buster finds himself in a desert, with cacti. He walks around and suddenly jumps back, closely escaping a passing train (a few frames missing here). He sits down on a heap of sand.
Change of scene: He sits on a rock in the sea. Big waves. He jumps into the sea and lands in a snow pit in the forest, upside down. He climbs out, freezing. He wants to lean against a tree, when the scene changes: the garden with the stool again. Buster falls over the stool. He scratches his head. The picture on the screen dissolves into a big room with Crane and the girl standing in the centre, embracing each other.
(ca. 6'40'')
(Beginning of the part that is missing in film no. 005101).

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