Film: 2704

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Urbanora possibly
Man in top-hat pickpocketed of fob watch; chases thief. Policeman tries to stop thief, all fall over. Thief crashes into cyclist carrying boxes. Boxes trip up chasing man and policeman. Latter both also fall when run into wardrobe being carried by removal men. All make chase. Leap over fruit and vegetable barrow. Man uses stick to hit chasers over; then trips them up by lying down - all fall over. Run into bird cage and locks them in. Man in top-hat sticks head through door in wire cage. Thief shows man his watch, walks off cockily [01:25].

Chauffeur drives car up to smart house door. Drunken posh man gets out. Drunk in dinner suit. Abusive to wife. Hits her, she is distraught. Throws little girl on floor. Picks up chair. Wife and child leave home. She kisses child in her arms. Walks down steps. Knocks on door, man in chair wakes up, he opens door and touches forelock. Woman wears headscarf. Invites her and child in. Sits them in chair. Woman joins them and is sympathetic, strokes child's hand. Hand patted.
Rowing boat comes to shore. Child goes to sailor - he picks her up and kisses her (his daughter). He shakes hand with woman.
Chauffeur-driven car stops at roadside. Man gets out and talks to child. Shakes her arm. Husband angry with wife - points, she and child cower. Snatches child. Sailor steps in. They fight in front of harbour and boats. Father loses. Kicked when on ground. Gets up, shakes fist. Father follows others to sailor's house. Sailors shake hands. Man taps out pipe. Happy scene indoors - sailor plays with little girl - has his ear pulled by his mother. He rubs ear. Woman sewing. Bearded man comes in, shakes hands. Sailor kisses girl's doll. At door, sailor kisses mother. Father knocks at door. Sidekick coshes mother. Father and sidekick kidnap child. Fishermen run to help wounded woman. Fisherman chases car - stops motorbike and sidecar and gets in. Chase. Men standing up in back of car. Two men fight in car as chauffeur drives along. Woman consoled by mother. Motorbike and sidecar approach car - child snatched to safety. Car crashes. Motorbike stops and driver helps man up. Lift father's head - he is dead. Men take off hats. Baby reunited with mother.

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