Film: 2711

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Chaplin as policeman
Intertitle - "Charles Chaplin in Easy Street". A bustling back street, a group of people walk towards the camera. It is a narrow street with houses on either side and washing hanging in the background. A large man with a tall hat stands in the middle and the people crowd around him. He shakes a pair of trousers and coins fall to the crowd. The people scramble around for the money and the large man beats them all back. He picks up the coins. Charlie Chaplin dressed as a policeman stands next to a police officer with a cap. Intertitle - "Your beat is Easy Street". The officer points out of the door, Chaplin stamps his feet together and leaves in typically comic fashion. He walks down the narrow street from earlier. He stands tall and rocks back on his feet. Next to him is the large man who glares at him. Slightly deflated Chaplin turns and walks away. The large man steps on the pavement and follows him. Intertitle - "Guess I'll phone a policeman". Chaplin, looks nervous and pulls open the door to a police telephone on a lamppost. The intimidating man continues to glare at him. Chaplin takes the receiver, the man grabs him and takes the receiver. Chaplin clubs him but the man doesn't notice. On the second clubbing, he turns and looks at Chaplin who continues to club him. In a mocking fashion, he turns his head on each side for Chaplin to hit him. Chaplin realises that he is having no affect and turns to run away. Before he can escape the man grabs hold of him. He removes his coat and rolls up his fists. Chaplin tries to run again but the man takes hold of him and makes him stand against a lamppost. The man takes hold of an adjacent lamppost and bends it to show his strength. Chaplin runs up behind him, pulls the lamppost down on his head and turns on the gas. Intertitle - "Gas!!!". The man slumps to the floor. Chaplin pulls the lamppost from his head and checks the man's pulse. He lowers it again to gas him some more. He kicks the wobbling man over and calls the police station. The policeman listens on the telephone. Chaplin walks across the street and people emerge from their houses to follow him. He turns around and they go back in. The policeman gathers some other officers at the station and they all pile out of the door. They come around the corner where Chaplin is sitting on the large man. The policemen edge up the street nervously and jump on the pavement when approached by a small boy. They run over to Chaplin and his prisoner. They carry the large man away from the street leaving Chaplin.

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