Film: 2715

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Comedy about a journalist Foolshead reporting on a wedding 1900's

Reporters work from an office of messy desks. One opens a letter. Letter summons him to report on a wedding. He leaps for joy and leaves the office. The other reporters take this as their cue to put their feet up! The reporter scribbles furiously on a notepad as the bride and groom walk past. He chases after them but is turned away. He buys a smarter jacket to disguise himself. He arrives at the wedding reception where he is put to work. He empties a bucket of water into a dresser drawer and leaps onto the top of a wardrobe as the bride and groom enter the room. The wardrobe topples over and the journalist crashes into the wedding party. He is thrown out of the building and falls into a florist. He hatches a plan with the flower delivery people to hide behind a floral display that is being delivered to the wedding. As he tries to extract himself from the flower basket it topples over and once again falls over the wedding guests. He destroys the display and is thrown out a window, but is caught on a window cleaning platform. The cleaners help him climb up their ropes and he gets back into the building via a balcony. He hides under a sofa in the room. Elsewhere the married couple are bidding farewell to their guests. The staff all bow as they exit and then leap around excitedly once on their own. The newly weds sit on the sofa the reporter is hiding under, but the reporter knocks the sofa over. The groom grabs a gun and shoots at the reporter as he dives under the bed. Staff come running and crash through the door. The reporter runs and is chased by the groom, who is still firing his gun. He flees from the building with the wedding party and staff all chasing him and shooting at him! He runs back to his office followed by the angry wedding group and the reporters throw paper everywhere. Collectively the reporters throw the wedding people out of the office and are jubilant at having got the story.

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