Film: 2717

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Max Linder - L'obsession de l'équilibre (1908)

Drunk act tries to balance and juggle wooden chairs but they crash all over the stage. He is thrown out of music hall. He follows a couple in a park and is punched by the man, as he takes his top hat off his head. He clumsily climbs into a horse drawn carriage. The driver gets in but falls backwards as the passenger hits him over the head with one of the carriage's lanterns. The driver kicks him out of the carriage. The drunken Chaplin look-a-like enters a post office? He goes into a phone booth and tries to use the phone. Other people are waiting and drag him out.
On the street he picks up a pile of hat boxes beside a group of women. The boxes all fall down and the women hit him. In the park a woman sits with her dog. The drunken man intervenes and tries balancing the dog on his lap and topples the park bench over. The woman beats him.
The man sits at the café table and spills his drink, causing argument to break out amongst other customers. He squirts them with a soda syphon and they retreat inside. On his own outside the café he tries balancing a chair, before he is chased away by the café manager. The manager climbs a ladder to clean off the café windows, when the drunk man returns and lifts his ladder causing him to crash through the window and into all the patrons inside the café. Cue another fight.
Finally he knocks a woman over as he climbs stairs. Inside a room he starts balancing vases and a tea set on a stool. The woman he knocked down the stairs summons other people and they watch him through the key hole.
( Supposed to be the forerunner and inspiration for Chaplin )

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