Film: 2723

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Lawyer with price-tag. Cop shouting. Close up of will. Harold Lloyd looking in cafe window, hurrying. Ties on napkin, gets out bone, seasons it, nibbles it, puts it away again. Uses toothpick. Girl urchin and limping dog join him. Cafe owner orders them away. Sit on kerb together for companionship. Man sits next to them, eats from paper bag, torments Harold who takes food, passes it to girl and dog. They run off and he after them. Over fruit and vegetable barrel, upset. Girl leads him through various swing-doors. Catches her and they make friends. Crooked lawyer "Leech". Dog takes pot of cash from crap game. Attempt to buy bread. Load themselves and dog up but counterfeit. Shopkeeper gets policeman but girl pays for bread, gets out of chauffeur-driven car. Harold runs after her onto running raises hat and thanks her, shakes hand and off again, she smiles. Burglars, fight, car chase, hides behind tree. Good shot of erecting telephone wires. Steals bike. Harold lassoes car and gets towed along. Car stops, crashes into back. Girl kidnapped.

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