Film: 2724

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Titles. Stars Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis and Wallace Howe.
Awful girl, blond curls, bows in hair, bird sitting on shoulder, giving piglet milk from a bottle. Kisses pig's ear. Man arrives in straw boater and with cane on arm. Takes off hat. Girl gets up. Man, (her lawyer) explains terms of will which he holds. Close up girl's face looking happy, sudden realisation and disappointment that as not married, does not fit terms of will. Lawyer looks surprised. Raises his hat to girl and walks off. Evil uncle and his wife at large house (which girl shoud inherit). Very windy, storm. Uncle and wife read terms of will. "We'll pretend the house is haunted, and scare them out !" Harold Lloyd creeps along against wall.
Has pistol in his hand. Looks resigned to his suicide, puts gun to temple, but cannot pull trigger. Changes hand and shoots himself, but it is a water pistol. Wipes face. Squirts wall and makes wet patch on it. Throws gun away in disgust. Runs onto footbridge over river / lake. Climbs over parapet. Is about to jump when man stops him and asks him for a light. Harold hands him a match which man strikes on bridge, lights his cigarette and walks off. Harold about to jump again when another man says, "give me the time". Harold gives him a pocket / fob watch out of his pocket. Man looks at watch and tries to give it back. Harold refuses and man shakes him warmly by the hand. Harold wipes his brow and says a word to Heaven. The he jumps. Lands in rowing boat. Man rowing is angry. Both men stand up, when boat hits bank man falls in, Harold falls down into boat. Harold leaps out onto bank. Man shakes fists at Harold. Harold points back angrily. Harold walks off and leans against tree contemplating, when car comes round corner. Harold runs out into road and stands in front of it, bending over. Car brakes in time. Lawyer leans out of window. Harold motions to driver to knock him over. Harold lies down in road in front of tyres. Man gets out and pushes Harold away. Harold sits on bumper. Man does too (Harold has been jilted). Lawyer grabs Harold by hand and drops him into car. Girl loads up car with boxes, guitar propped on running board. Lawyer brings Harold to girl. Pastor gets out of car. Lawyer says "I've brought you a husband, a minister, a ring and a cookery book". Girl looks uncertain. Harold smiles. Lawyer joins their hands and beckons to minister. They are married and look very nervous. Lawyer shakes their hands and gives girl the will. Girl becomes a nag. Gets in the car and tells Harold to start car. Motions contempt for his feeble efforts. Harold climbs up front of car and into driver's seat. She stands next to him and motions disdain. As drive along, chicken in a coop behind Harold pecks at his hair. Harold is hen-pecked. Uncle and wife with black servant in house at night. Lightning flash through window frightens servant. Wife realises that they can get all servants frightened. Smiles. Explains plan to husband. He agrees. Uncle explains to servant that ghosts will appear. Servant frightened. Servant runs into hall and calls other black servants and explains to them. Little boy firghtened and jumps onto his leg and clings on. Close up, lots of trousered legs shaking violently and scared.
Open topped car arrives in storm with Harold and girl with their heads stuck through holes in umbrellas. Servants see sheeted ghost walking upstairs. Frightened they scatter. Three knock Harold down at door. Black butler dances on spot, terrified. Harold stops him. Butler explains ghosts, (spooks). Table starts to move and they all run off scared. Harold burns his hand on kettle. Black boy emerges from underneath table. Harold and girl tell each other they are not scared, but they sure look it ! They smile warmly at one another. Fright makes them jump for cover. Boy jumps in flour drawer. Emerges all white and Harold runs off pulling table over. Girl hides in trunk. Harold hides in same trunk. They lift their heads and see each other, they do this twice as initially frightened. Harold jumps out of trunk and lifts girl out. They laugh. Harold makes brave and fearless gestures. Girl sees another ghost in white sheet. Girl runs. Harold turns around and cannot find girl. Uncle dresses in sheet and makes shadow on wall with horns (quite good) girl scared. Harold scratches head puzzled. Sees curtain shaking, backs out of door, backs into girl. They run away from each other. Harold hits curtain, person runs out covered in curtain, and he and woman dressed as ghosts scare each each other. Girl hides in bed, Harold beats her with stick, she is dazed. Two ghosts hide together. Harold corners little boy (still all white and resembling a zombie), "come out before I shoot". Misunderstanding and both boy and wife emerge and stick their hands in the air. Bump into Harold all run away. Harold tries to hide where two sheets are hiding. Runs and bumps into uncle's wife, now not wearing sheet over her head. Points at her accusingly and drags her to her feet. Uncle misunderstands who is under other sheet. Butler grabs him and presents him to Harold. Harold and girl smile at each other. Pair of trousers appears and walks around. Crashes into walls, good effect with Harold's hair standing on end. Boy emerges from trousers and Harold's hair goes down again. All smile.

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