Film: 2730

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Good film starring Billy Bevan. 1920's

Seated man swatting flies hits woman on backside. Two girls in swimming costumes get into swimming pool. Men sitting at table wave at girls. Billy turns up. He is photographer. Billy mistakenly thinks lady's dress is tripod cape and puts his head up back of her skirt / clothing. She hits him. He falls in pool, and is pulled out. He knocks woman in pool. He sits at table and laughs at other golfer. Stands up and knocks man off chair with his golf bag. Gives unwanted advice. Real film of golfer Bobby Jones demonstrating the golfing drive. See this in slow motion. Golf ball hits man on head, bounces back and breaks coffee pot. Pretty girl plays golf. Billy advises and holds her, man is jealous. Billy puts golfer off by sneezing. Man swings golf club, misses ball, but all spectators look into far distance. Joke bunker shots, Billy digs himself ever deeper. He throws ball onto green. Golfer tries to hit floating golf ball, and soaks himself. Billy knocks three people into water. Man drives ball up pipe. Billy paddles to his ball on large skis. Does the splits. Throws ball near hornets nest and other man crawls into pipe for ball. Pulls man out of pipe - trousers come down. Billy swings at ball, misses, hornets' nest lands in man's trousers. Man pulls trousers up. Man runs amok, everyone runs. Man rubs backside on trees and on ground. People rush out of changing rooms and into pool. Man falls over in changing room. Billy is punched into swimming pool and then has head held under.

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