Film: 2743

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde are odd jobbers hanging pictures in a hallway. Andy holds the ladder. Billy stands on ladder. Billy dusts with feather duster. They try to fit picture in picture frame. Pretty girl walks by and Andy is distracted. Billy nearly falls off the step ladder. Andy pushes ladder back upright as Billy clings on. Andy walks after girl as she drops her glove. The ladder collapses with Billy on it.
Close up Billy and Andy asleep. Large alarm clock lies between them. Long shot of the two men asleep side by side on railway tracks as steam railway train comes towards them. Close up of clock ringing at 6.10am. Andy and Billy roll over tracks as train narrowly avoids running them over. When train has passed, the men roll back onto track and go back to sleep. They each pull the blanket over themselves. A railway pump trolley with four men on it rolls over them. They wake up. Billy throws the clock away. They yawn and stretch and jump on a fast moving train. They are stowaways. Man sits next to woman and noisily blows his nose. Andy treads on orange on floor, it squirts juice over woman, she thinks man has blown his nose over her. She slaps man and storms off. Billy and Andy sit down and are worried by ticket inspector's approach. Billy indicates to Andy the inspector is coming by thumbing over his shoulder. The inspector looks at a passenger's ticket. It is very long. Billy gives the inspector his 'ticket'. It is actually a folding postcard. It is opened and reaches to the floor. Billy and Andy run away. They sit opposite two women in the dining car. Andy raises his hat politely, woman is disdainful. She turns her head away and opens her napkin onto her lap. Andy tucks his napkin into his collar. Andy nudges Billy to do the same. Billy tucks the napkin into his collar. Billy raises his hat politely. Woman is shocked. Andy knocks Billy's hat off onto head of ticket inspector. Inspector swaps hats and Billy takes his hat back. Inspector takes menu off Billy. The men do not have tickets. Andy tries to avoid inspector and cleans cutlery on napkin. Inspector grabs men by collar and hauls them off. In the kitchen they are put to work. Billy burns his hand. Billy tosses pancakes. Black waiter motions an order for two (V-sign). Billy cooks two eggs 'Sunny-side up'. He tosses them over his shoulder onto face of waiter. The yolks drop out and the waiter wears a white egg mask. Billy pulls the eggs off and puts them on a plate. Billy cannot find the yolks so substitutes peach halves. Head chef throws plate away. Billy is told off. He accidentally ties hot coffee pot to the back of his apron. He tosses pancakes, drops one and bends over. The coffee burns him. He leaps about. Andy uses an axe to cut the coffee pot off. The waiter enters and catches the pot, pours coffee and thanks Andy. Billy fishes for fish from the moving window. Billy baits a big hook. Billy makes a catch. He pulls, chef and Andy join in. Billy hauls in a huge fish. Andy tries to club it. They pursue fish through carriages. Black waiter baits hook and tries to fish out of window, he is hauled out. Billy uses a cleaver to try and catch the fish. He cuts a man's bowler hat on the ground in half. Andy chops end off Billy's shoe. Billy hops around on one foot holding other foot. They pursue the fish furiously. The ticket inspector pulls the communication card. The train stops dead. The carriage is all higgledy-piggledy, with people everywhere. The train starts quickly and people are thrown about. Some have their legs in the air. Billy and Andy are frog marched away. Billy is thrown off. The fish lands on lap of Billy. Andy is thrown off and he slides along side of track. He pulls a large spike out of his backside. Billy and Andy climb on a trolley and start to pump it, but it goes backwards. They pump towards steaming train. They are animated jumping with the pump action trolley over the train and they land again and pump away into the distance.

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