Film: 2753

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Oliver Hardy solo. Slapstick set in hotel.
The opening caption reads; Hotel Bilkmore – where the management are so mean it puts twin beds in the Bridal Suite.
Close up of two Bell Boys which at first glance you think are Laurel and Hardy, but no it is before their partnership and the Laurel lookalike is actually Bobby Ray. Hardy is trying to put tobacco onto a cigarette paper, but Ray sneezes and blows it all away, after a few more unsuccessful attempts Hardy observes a fan blowing in his direction and switches it off. Meanwhile Ray leans down and inadvertently ties his bootlace with one from Hardy’s boot. Another sneeze and Ray finally produces a ready- made cigarette from his pocket and gives it to Hardy. After a short tussle they then stumble over to the reception desk falling about because of the bootlaces. The receptionist directs them to unload the taxi of the luggage brought by the Saleswoman who has just arrived.
Of course this is the cue for good old slapstick with Hardy carrying two small suitcases and Ray unloading four huge trunks which he carries in on his back with Hardy following .There follows a shake y walk across the foyer to the lift where the trunks are higher than the opening lift gate, so with much pushing from the ever helpful Hardy the top trunk finally falls back over Hardy’s head where it is lodged until the S.W.. reaches an axe from the wall and Ray cracks it open to fall off Hardy’s head. Hardy is not too pleased and picking up a nearby vase throws it at Ray who ducks to avoid it so that it arrives at the reception desk where it showers the receptionist with its contents. After an altercation outside the lift Hardy enters lift with S.W. and Ray is despatched elsewhere.
A new guest arrives at the Reception Desk – very large gentleman suffering from the heat and wiping his face with handkerchief to remove the perspiration. Meanwhile Ray is standing on the balcony above Reception and filling ink bottles from large container which is accidentally dripping ink on to the L.G. below who continues to wipe it all over his face. The receptionist looks up from the register and seeing the guest’s face hands him a mirror. Then on looking up to see the source of the ink he spots Ray and shouts at him so that he knocks over the ink bottle which then lands on the receptionist. Ray immediately runs down and carries the luggage up to the L.G. room. Meanwhile Hardy is seen leaving the S.W. room and watches Ray delivering the L.G. to the room opposite. The gentleman presumably unaware that Ray is responsible for the ink incident gives him a big tip from a bundle of notes contained in his briefcase. This is observed by Hardy standing in the corridor and when Ray emerges with the notes in his pocket, Hardy quickly removes them not knowing that they are attached to elastic meaning that Ray retrieves them immediately. There follows a chase around the hotel culminating in Hardy catching Ray and with his hands round his neck proceeds to bounce him up and down.
Next scene has S.W. phoning reception and a caption appears with her request “Send up a towel at once please I want to take a bath”
5m6s Drunken man seen in corridor looks at number 9 on door and enters, S.W. who is exercising quickly turns and orders him out. He does this shutting door where the number 9 dislodges and becomes number 6. He crosses corridor and enters the real room number 6 throws his hat to one side which lands on cane of another guest who is hunched over a small heater with blanket round him trying to keep warm. The drunk is ushed out of the room. This time the number on the door swivels from 6 to9..
5m 48s Ray arrives in corridor and checking door numbers enters room 9 and bundles the gentleman guest under protest into the bathroom where he places him in the bath jostles him up and down then marches him back into bedroom wraps his blanket round him and sits him down again.
6m12s S.W. is back on phone obviously wondering where her towel is.
Ray arrives at reception desk where he is berated by the receptionist caption reads “ I told you to bathe the guest in room number 9.
6m28s Repeat of previous scene with gentleman guest receiving another dowsing.
6m55s S.W. getting very irate now phones reception once again.
7m0s Ray is sent up again to room 9 where the gentleman is ready for him this time and will not be caught.
7m21s Drunk seen in a bathroom washing hankie in washbasin to wrap round his forehead and leaving the tap running
7m24s The L.G. now sleeping in bed dreaming of swimming in the ocean, when the water from the room above starts seeping through the ceiling above his head.
His dream is shown separately in a sequence above the bed, in the bed he is going through the motions of swimming until he finally stands up and dives off the bed going straight through the floor where he lands in a barrel of water left in reception.
There then follows a chase round the hotel with Ray hiding in a linen basket emerging at one stage to frighten a black porter who thinks he is a ghost. Hardy appears and Ray escapes into hotel room and hides in cupboard where he finds animal costume left by drunk earlier, this frightens Hardy and the chase continues into the foyer scattering the guests sitting there.
8m52s Hardy is seen lighting a fire in a waste bin and pushing it through the skylight of the L.G.
Woken up by the smoke the L.G. runs into foyer and raises the alarm.
Meanwhile Hardy enters the smokey room and takes his briefcase from under the mattress thinking this is full of money.......There is a small break in the film here.
9m06s Hardy seen clutching briefcase. Ray is helping the L.G. to use the fire extinguisher with unsuccessful attempts to get the water flowing Ray notices the L.G. has his foot on the hose and with the stock joke on moving the foot the water gushes into the face of L.G. who is looking into the end. Exit Ray.
We now see Hardy with the briefcase after a tussle Ray has it and emerges on to the fire escape followed by Hardy up several flights and on to the roof where Ray miraculously shins up a flagpole only to be tilted off by Hardy. After falling down some way he manages to climb into room where S.W. is. Hardy enters and whilst fighting with Ray, S.W. leaves with briefcase.
Next scene has S.W. on roof being chased by Hardy and Ray where she backs up to edge and with little teetering falls off.
Ray rushes down and is just in time to catch her before she hits the ground.
Meanwhile Hardy is engaged with fighting off two policemen before he too falls from roof to land close to Ray and S.W.
S.W. opens the bag to show Ray that it contains a bottle of whisky. THE END

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