Film: 2760

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Morality tail (!) of country life with monkeys in the main roles.

A dressed monkey plays the part of a farmer's son who ploughs a field with a pair of goats. Boys will be boys so he decides to take a nap and naturally the goats follow suit. Ticked off by Dad the lad decides to run away to the City to make his fortune and is warned to "keep away from painted women". He gets a job as a Bank messenger and is ordered to deliver some money to a certain address. Meanwhile a Bank Guard (a huge Matiff) is told to keep an eye on him, so he disguises himself and follows him. Our hero is subsequently 'held-up' by crooks with a Jessie Jimmie. But he will not be thwarted so he chases them in a truck and an Army plane and actually retrieves the cash. The hound, however, tries to besmirch his character with the manager, but is unsuccessful as the farmboy returns the cash and gets his reward. Entire cast is made up entirely of animals. Very cleverly made film.

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