Film: 2763

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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'Poems' establish the setting as a pirate ship.
Pirates. Joe on a plank over the water. Joe has his eyes bandaged. The pirate's daughter. Joe removes the bandage, cheers up. In the water, ther is a seal. Joe crawls back on board. The daughter goes to him, holding out a knife. She puts it away, they flirt. The captain, angry, pushes her away, then Joe who rolls along the plank and nearly falls down (to the seal). The seal snaps at him. The captain waves the pirates to him, meanwhile Joe crawls through his legs; the captain falls down. Daughter and a few girls talk (they like Joe). Joe, who is a reporter, hides somewhere, gets out his notebook, looks around, and scribbles. A 'tough' pirate kid is coming. Looks around. Sees Joe. Asks him what he does. Calls the others. Joe tries to silence him, then lifts his hands because the boy point a gun at him. But then laughs: It is just a boy! He does some finger tricks. The boy sits down on his knees. 'How did you get here?' Joe explains... Flashback: Joe in a plane. He sees a seal. Argues with the pilot. Climbs on the plane. The plane flies low. A ship on the water, they fly past. The seal. Joe staring down, at the top of the flying plane. The plane waters, Joe jumps into the water. The seal surfaces next to him. Joe and the seal. Joe tries to flee. The seal overtakes him, surfaces in front of him. They both dive, surface, dive etc. Finally Joe arrives at the pirate ship, takes out his notebook - end of flashback; Joe and the boy. The boy laughs, wants to tell a 'better' story. Flashback : The boy, riding on the seal. Gives direction. Draws his gun, ships move backwards (he made them to...) End of flashback. Boy and Joe. Two pirates arrive. Joe throws the boy into their arms and runs. Pirates after him. Joe lowers himself by a bar through a hatch. The pirates run a different way. Under deck. A pirate spots Joe. Joe climbs up again, jumps into a pile of ropes... climbs out again: Another man is underneath. They struggle. The pirates come. Joe swings up and down on a rope, kicks the pirates away and jumps finally off into the pile of ropes. The pirates try to follow him, bend over the pile. Joe under deck, looking around, writing in his note book. The pirates bent over the ropes, the boy crawls through their legs into the pile, comes to Joe. They both run, climb back on deck. Walk around the pirates... they spot Joe, run after him. A wild chase across the deck, up and down. Joe at a cannon. He points at the captain. The pirates recoil. The women hide. Joe points, smoke out of the cannon. A pirate behind him. Joe turns, now the cannon points at him. The captain approaches. Joe turns the cannon, the captain runs away. Joe turns the cannon again; the girls; the pirate flag then the smoke ceases. Joe looks into the opening, kicks a pirate into a cage. Another one. Joe locks the cage. Kicks another one in the pile of rope, puts two boards around his head. runs away from the captain. Is chased along planks of a mole... Finally Joe and the captain fall down into the water. Joe swims away, the pirate stays at the mole A fisher. Joe is pulled backwards. The fisher, pulling. Joe approaches the captain. Swims away again. The fisher pulls him back... to the captain. He swims away again. The fisher falls into the water. A sight-seeing ship. Spectators looking left and right (very abruptly). A guide, explaining. Joe and captain approach the ship, climb up a rope onto the deck. Joe covers a hatch with a blanket. The captain approaches, falls down. The sightseeing group leaves the ship. The guide sees the empty pirate ship and is angry (he pays them for acting as pirates). Joe shows to the group that he caught all the pirates. The guide comes, is angry, pushes Joe aside, frees the pirates. Joe is puzzled. The girls run around. Pirates complain to the guide about Joe. The boy tells the pirates they're fired (?). Joe climbs over board into a boat, rows away. The guide, angry, shouts after him. Joe rowing away. 'He rowed all the time, no land in sight.' Joe in the boat, exhausted. It is tied to the ship. - THE END. -

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