Film: 2768

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The adventures of Odysseus and his soldiers after their departure from Troy drmatcised in the 1910's

The city of Troy is burning. Trojans are running for their lives, while Odysseus leads his soldiers to the battle. He then departs from the city, which can be seen being in flames in the background. Soldiers are praying to the gods, while women are being harassed and taken to the leaders. Sword battle. Next, we see the one-eyed giant, Cyclops Polythemus, returning to his cave with big pieces of firewood, while Odysseus and his soldiers are looking at him terrified. Cyclops moves a huge rock to the entrance of his cave, preventing the soldiers from escaping. He builds a fire and grabs one of the soldiers. Odysseus tells his soldiers to grab a piece of wood and put it in front of the fire; they, then, take the burning stick and move towards the beast. Cyclops has gone asleep. The soldiers hit Cyclop's eye with the stick. The giant wakes up and tries to locate the soldiers unsuccessfully, being totally blind. He moves the rock aside and leaves the cave to find them. Odysseus and his soldiers, then, tie themselves around the bellies of Cyclops' sheep. They successfully manage to escape, as Cyclops cannot see or hear them. They take the sheep with them to their ship and depart from the island. When Cyclops hears the sound of the ship leaving, he throws a big rock towards it, but doesn't reach it. Odysseus asks his soldiers to tie him to the mast of the ship, while his soldiers put some sort of ear plugs in their ears. The ship sails next to a reef where mermaids are singing songs to the soldiers. Odysseus wants to join the mermaids, but he's unable to, while the soldiers don't pay any attention to the songs, as they cannot hear them. The ship sails away from the reef, despite the mermaids' attempts. Odysseus' adventures are not over, as his ship then sails next to a three-headed monster, which eats two of his men. The ship manages to escape the monster, but Odysseus is distraught about the loss of the two soldiers.

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