Film: 2783

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Inventions and the inventor, Heath Robinson type machines, radio controlled cars and lots of nice radio equipment from the mid 1920's.
" Plum Center was listening in on its favourite radio station COD"
Old man ( Walter Hiers ) and young woman both wearing headphones laughing together.
" For Walter Stubbs the baby Edison of the village was broadcasting his " Mirthquake" hour over his home made radio"
Man ( Jack Duffy) speaks into a microphone "Grandpa was such a radio bug they had to put insect powder"
"His granddaughter Mary - as hard to get as Honolulu on a one tube set" she smiles and claps as she listens.
"Walter had invented wireless controls for everything except himself "
Man rushes into a bar "Chocolate soda in a hurry" woman sits at a chair. " You will notice I control the soda fountain by wireless" He pushes some buttons on a panel, a glass moves along the bar and the drink is poured automatically, robot style. The glass moves along the conveyor getting ingredients added. The finished glass comes out on a flexible arm to the table, the lady takes the drink. But she has no spoon ? A button is pushed and a spoon drops from the ceiling into her drink and a napkin box appear up from the table.
" Walter's rival who thinks bacteria is the back door of the cafeteria" he leans looks frustrated. The family arrive at the café or drugstore. Mary sits on the counter and Walter pushes buttons for the next drink. A glass comes out. William changes all the plugs around to mess up the machine. The machine squirts the soda all over the man. It then pushes him to the table and jams the napkin box under his chin. The rival laughs behind his magazine. Outside, the family wipe themselves down.
" Another invention" Walter shows a man the switches" "my automatic fire announcer" a fire alarm. A woman enters the shop and the bell goes off, everyone is frightened. Mary is with grandpa who plays the piano. They panic because of the fire alarm. "Grandpa is the fire chief " he descends a fireman's pole into his trousers. The crowd rush to the shop. " Don't worry folks it’s a false alarm" grandpa is angry.
"Walter's invention drew a prospective buyer from the city" fancy man in a big car gives Walter his card "Edison Swabb" They shake hands. " I want to see your invention" He brings out a box with a row of bulbs on " It will make Ford sneeze charleston" " Watch this controller bring that car around the corner" The garage door opens and a car drives itself out and parks beside the cheering crowd. The rival swaps the wires. " And now we will send it back again " The car sets off down the road to be stopped by a traffic cop on a motor bike. The policeman is amazed that there is no one in the car. Wires changed again and it sets off leaving the cop on the ground. The car picks up a man on a ladder, smashes a picket fence down and chases grandpa into the distance. The car comes to a stop dropping both men into the horse trough. Grandpa smash sign " to the dry lakes" over the painters head.
" Your invention is a failure" Walter cries. " Cheer up remember the grapefruit was once a lemon" Walter pushes him over.
" Blue and Discouraged" Walter and Mary lean disconsolate on the counter of the shop. " Let's elope" the rival hears their plans and sets up a microphone of them talking. He runs to grandpa "Walter and Mary are planning to elope Pick up the radio and hear their plans " they both listen in " meet me at the crossroads in ten minutes" " I'll stop them " Mary and Walter kiss and part. Walter loads the car with the invention but the rival steals it. Mary is changed and packed and creeps down the stairs but grandpa jumps out and she screams and runs off. The rival climbs the water tower with the controls. Mary drives off in a car." The rival has control of the situation " Walter drives to the Justice of Peace and chats with him but the rival makes him run him over with the car and then back again. The rival laughs on top of the tower as he watches. The car then circles him as he is trapped on a hayrick. Mary drives up " Turn around quick grandpa coming " Walter and the JP are heading towards grandpa who parks his car across their path. Rival puts the car into reverse taking marys with it. " Heading straight for the tower" but the controls are stuck. Tower knocked over covering rival in water. The JP marries Walter and Mary there on the spot.
The end.

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